How to Do an In-Person Event

Tips can be used for any type of an in-person Arbonne event

Note From Val

Having a group presentation is an AMAZING way to expand your network, build relationships, gain customers, find your new business partners, get volume to help with your promotion, make money, and to get future bookings.

If you want to get into some major momentum; having at least 8 group presentations a month on your calendar is a GREAT way to do that! ( Example: If you have 8 group presentations a month and even 4 people are at each group presentation, that is 32 people you are getting in front of in a month. Your goal is to get in front of 40 total! Also, if the average presentation accumulates around $500 in sales and you have 8 group presentations a month on your calendar that hold, that is an average of about $4000 a month that you will most likely have JUST from the volume you sale at your presentation. That isnt including if you have a team that is duplicating what you are doing! )

Use the notecards that you can print off on this smore link to bring with you to each presentation to use as a guide. The first few pages are really for YOU to prepare and know what to do before the presentation starts. You want to be as duplicatable as possible.
( Remember everyone is watching you, you want your guests to feel like they can do what you are doing too! Using your notecards shows how duplicatable this can be!)

Be yourself, have fun, and remember that they dont know what you dont know. Dont feel like you have to know everything, its okay if you are a little nervous, that is normal! We all have to start out somewhere!!

People are looking for community and looking for a company that has the type of culture we have in Arbonne. Take the time to get to know each person and make them feel special. Go out of your way to interact with the guests. This one presentation can change their life as well as yours! Just remember to have fun!!

Watch the video below to view me doing an actual presentation using the notecard presentation cards.



Val Shares Tips to Prepare for Your In Home Group Presentation + Hostess Coaching Tips

Tips to Prepare for Your In Home Group Presentations & Coaching Your Host Before Your Event

Tips to Coach Host Before Your Presentation

Talk with the host about their interest regarding both business and products.

Give the host samples of products to try at least a week before their event.

Remind the host to send out the invitation via text or FB, depending on how they are promoting their event & to also text or voice text an invite to guess with a reminder the day before the event.

Offer the host a product from the Free Gift List if they get outside orders collected before their event (from those that cannot attend in person).

Have the host share with you a bit of info about guest she/he invited so you can have an idea of who will be in attendance (its great to know if they think there could possibly be someone great at the business or as a future host).

Let host know you will bring protein balls and

fizz for refreshments & remind them that they don’t need to have a bunch of snacks or food.

Be sure to stay in touch with the host each weekly before the event, so they don’t lose their excitement for hosting a presentation themselves & also for earning their 35%-50% off host perk link.

Tips to Prepare for Your Social/Party/Presentation/Healthy Happy Hour, ect.



•Calculator (or use cell phone).

•Calendar for future bookings.

•Gift for host and future booking gifts

or supplies needed for booking games.

•Full AgeWell Skincare Set

•Full 30DHL Set

•Rescue & Renew Body Scrub & Lotion for Hand Scrubs at Sink as ice breaker.

•A few of your favorite things: Body Lotion, Skin Elixir, Primer.

•Protein Balls & Fizz Sticks for sampling.

•Take a Look Packet Contents

This is what you give to someone interested in business

-Is Arbonne for You Flier

-PC vs IC Benefits Sheet


•Host Packet Contents

This is what you give to someone who books an event

-Host Perk Bundles

-40 Guests in 4 minutes

-Guest List


•Guest Packet Contents

This is what you give to each guest at presentation along with their catalog

-Order Form to collect personal info, order info, and payment

-Guest Profile Sheet/Wish List

-Close Sheet ( larger & smaller bundle options)

Suggested Voice Texts to Host Day Before & Morning Of Event

Example Text -Day Before the Event: “Hi Sara, its Val! I am so excited about your event tomorrow night and looking forward to sharing Arbonne with all of your friends! Thank you again for hosting this for me! I cant wait to see what you end up getting with your 35% - 50% off Host Perk!!”

Example Text- Morning of Event : “Hi Sara, I wanted to let you know I am planning to arrive about 30 minutes before your presentation to get everything set up. Let me know if there is anything you want me to bring that you can sample before your event! I am so looking forward to seeing you!”

Tips for Prep once you have arrived at the Presentation

Once you arrive at the event, ask the host where they want you to set everything up.

Give the host the protein balls & fizz packets to sit out for guests to sample when they arrive

Sit the catalogs & guest packet info out along with a pen in the area where your guests will be sitting.

Put the Body Scrub & Lotion next to the sink. Let the host know you will be doing hand scrubs on a hand of each of their guests as they come in (this is a great ice breaker for you and a little pamper treat for them!).

Tips for When the Guests Start to Arrive

Have the host lead the guests to the area where you will be doing a hand scrub on their hand (Sometimes they want to do both but doing just one allows them to really see and feel the difference. Engage with them in a conversation that will allow them to feel more comfortable with you and so you can find out a little bit about their interests & background).

After they have done the hand scrub, have them grab a drink and snack. Then, have the host guide them to sit down where the presentation will be. Tell them to start filling out the Guest Profile Sheet/Wish List Sheet. Let them know that you will do a draw at the end of the presentation for everyone who fills out the personal info section on the profile sheet.

Make sure you don’t keep the guests waiting: especially those that have arrived on time. Even if there are guests coming late. I would suggest not waiting any longer than 15 minutes after the scheduled presentation time out of respect for those that come on time.

ENVP Val Edwards Consultant Training Demo of Presenting a Healthy Living From the Inside Out Presentation

Consultant Training: ENVP Val Edwards Demos How to Do a Healthy Living Inside & Out Presentation.

Opening of Presentation Once the Guests are All Seated

Host will thank everyone for coming,share why she/he wanted to host, and then they will share their favorite Arbonne product or products.

Have the host officially introduce you to the guests. Thank everyone for coming, and then say,

“ Before getting started, I would love to have everyone share their name, how they know the

host, and share, if I gave each of you a magic wand to change anything regarding your skin or health, what would it be?” (This is a great ice breaker and allows you to know some of the product lines they will be interested in hearing more about).

Welcome & Opening of Presentation

Share a brief intro of yourself:

What you did before Arbonne

• How you were introduced to Arbonne

• Why you decided to start Arbonne

• What your life is like now because of Arbonne/

or what your intent was to start

• An invitation to take a look at the business for


“As I begin tonight, I wanted to recommend to you that as I go through the product lines I am sharing tonight, if you find yourself interested in something I talk about; use the Wish List section on your Client Profile Sheet, to jot the name of the product down, so you will remember what products you potentially would like to order.”

“Tonight, I am going to share with you what I like to call -My Healthy Living From the Inside & Out Presentation. Over the next 30 minutes or so, I will share a little bit about Arbonne as a company & brand, a bit about our industry & product difference. I will then go through in detail with you all about two of Arbonne’s most popular product lines. I will then close by sharing how you will be able to get any of these products at the BEST savings available to you.”

Begin Presentation

Arbonne is a 42 year old,

Global ,E-Commerce ,Social Marketing,

Health, Wellness, & Beauty Company doing business in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and Poland.

Through the social marketing business model,

we as consultants get to share products

we use & love, with people we know as well as with those we don’t know using various social media platforms; in addition to presenting at virtual and in-person events.

A Bit About Our Industry & How It Works

In 2020 the E-Commerce landscape underwent 10 years of

growth in 3 months

and its accelerating everyday

Globally, the Ecommerce market

is a 4.9 trillion-dollar


The Global Wellness market is a

4.4 trillion-dollar


The Direct Selling industry is a



So Arbonne is perfectly positioned between the E-Commerce & Wellness industries

The Arbonne Product Difference

Arbonne has over 450 consumable products that your whole family can use

Our product lines range from skincare, cosmetics, nutrition, bodycare, & haircare

Arbonne takes a holistic approach to beauty, health, & wellbeing; focusing on the WHOLE person both inside & out

Before clean & vegan products were the “cool thing, to use”,

Arbonne was already doing this

We are the original “Clean Beauty OGs”

We adhere to a strict ingredient policy banning over 2000 ingredients from our product formulations

Our products are all formulated to meet as many standards for certifications as possible

As well, as ensuring our products are

free from artificial flavors, colors, and


Arbonne is a Certified B Corporation

B Corporations are purpose driven companies that balance profit with

purpose. It also means we are a

‘For Good Company.’

Our company and our products are good

for the planet, as well as good for the

communities living on it.

As a purpose driven company our transparent business practices ensure that we empower people to flourish through sustainable healthy living & to help to create a sustainable planet for the future.

These are some of the reasons why I chose Arbonne as my brand & company of choice.

I love, that their values align with my own.

Age Well: The 5 Step Skincare System

This skincare system comes with 6 products: a cleanser, toning mist, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, and night cream

Enclosed in your catalog is a specials sheet that breaks down how you can get this set at the most discounted price

As a Preferred Client you are able to purchase this skincare system at 40% off all year long + receive free shipping, and qualify for a free product gift offer

This skincare system was designed to target the look of fine lines and wrinkles.


Is a plant-based retinol alternative. It has all the benefits but without the irritation & typical side effects of retinol

Stabilized Vitamin C

Is used to give you collagen supporting benefits through moisturization

Plant Stem Cell Extract

Is used to give you a radiant, smooth look to your skin.

Specific Info & Benefits of Each AgeWell Product

The Silky Cleanser is used both morning & night to cleanse & rinse away dirt, oil, and make-up

The Refreshing Toning Mist uses Vitamin B5 and is used morning & night to prepare your skin for the next step, restore the pH level back into your skin, and enhances the appearance of the skins brightness & tone

The Collagen Nurturing Serum with 2% Bakuchiol is used morning and night. It’s a super concentrated product that helps reduce the look of wrinkles & supports your skins collagen, production through moisturization

(Walk around to each guest and pump about 1/4 of a pump of serum onto the top of their hand so they can see how it feels).

The Enriching Eye Cream with Caffeine

+ Bakuchiol is used both morning & night. It targets

the key signs of aging around the eye area. It helps reduce the appearance of puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles

The Moisture Restoring Cream is used during the day. (You can actually choose to use one with SPF 15 or without.) It helps to replenish your skins moisture barrier & reduces the appearance of fine lines.

(Walk around to each guest, using a spatula put just a little dab of it on top of where you put the serum.)

The Intense Repairing Night

Cream with 2% Bakuchiol is used at night & is

formulated to help reduce the look of facial wrinkles

& the beech tree bud extract helps to smooth the skin texture for overall skin hydration. This helps to repair your skin while you are sleeping

The 30 Days to Healthy Living System

The 30 Days to Healthy Living Program is designed to act as a RESET to establish healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle so you can have more:

Energy, manage weight, and feel fit with a clean, vegan nutrition lifestyle.

It helps you identify how to use food as fuel for the body & to optimize how you look and feel both inside & out.

It will help you to identify foods you are eating that may not be serving your body well, while you focus on adding nutrient-dense, plant-based whole foods.

Specific health and wellbeing improvements noticed by the majority of those completing the 30 Days to Healthy Living Program included:

Feeling more energized

Feeling less bloated

Clothes fitting better

Feeling more focused throughout their day

Seeing improvements in the look and feel of skin hydration, radiance, and overall health.

5 Areas of Focus for 30 Days


Our body’s elimination organs (kidneys and liver) and all of our other organs — such as the intestines, heart and skin (the body’s largest organ!)— are impacted by the nutrients we consume, the beverages we drink, along with the amount of sleep we get and the stress we experience.

Balanced nutrition and supplements can help support your body’s ability to function the way it was designed to work.


YOUR BODY WELL Fuel your body with plant-based nutrients along with whole foods that deliver the macronutrients that your body needs — proteins, fat and carbs

Avoid refined sugar, alcohol, coffee, artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners that don’t support your overall wellbeing

3. AVOID COMMON ALLERGENS Many people experience discomfort from eating foods such as gluten, dairy and soy

Temporarily eliminating these from your diet will help you to identify whether you feel better without them in your daily diet

4. LEARN TO EAT INTUITIVELY - Instead of counting calories, learn to listen to your body’s cues that tell you when to eat or drink

A steady diet of balanced nutrients that’s higher in protein and lower in processed carbohydrates and sugars help to keep your body’s energy level consistent throughout the day. This helps you avoid the energy slumps that can lead to snacking and over-eating


Arbonne helps you establish healthy habits for your mind, body and skin

Formulated with plant-based ingredients and co-developed with experts; Arbonne provides nutrition products that are formulated vegan, gluten-free and without dairy, in addition to abiding by a stringent Ingredient Policy that prohibits over 2,000 ingredients and endures scientifically rigorous testing

These are the foods which are not beneficial for you & will be AVOIDED while you are following the 30-Day program:

Artificial Sweeteners e.g.s sucralose and aspartame

Alcohol Coffee



and gluten-containing foods


Fermented soy such as organic, non-GMO tempeh is an acceptable vegan protein option.

Each Set Comes With These Four Products, Plus Customizations


CHOOSE TWO FLAVORS! Enjoy 20 g of clean vegan protein to help you feel full, especially when blended with your favorite non-dairy milk, healthy fats, and even berries. Choose two bags, available in Chocolate Flavor, Vanilla Flavor, or Coffee Flavor. Enjoy two servings per day.


SUPPORT Support your gut health every day with enzymes, prebiotics and 3 billion CFU of probiotics. Enjoy one per day, with shake. For maximum product efficacy, do not use with hot water.


CHOOSE TWO FLAVORS! A blend of Ginseng, Guarana and Green Tea supports energy. Choose two boxes, available in Strawberry Flavor, Pomegranate Flavor, Blood Orange Flavor, or Pineapple Flavor. Enjoy up to three stick packs each day.

Customize Your Set

by Choosing 2 of the 3 Products:


Reset with a cleanse to assist with the gentle elimination of toxins. It’s gentle

enough to use daily at any point in your 30-day program. Contains seven packets


Balance your diet with a blend of 36 fruits and vegetables in every scoop. Enjoy at

least one scoop per day added to 4 ounces of water or in your shake


Boost your fiber intake with 12 g of fiber in each scoop to help keep things


My Favorite Things

Share a few of your favorite products now.

(I like to share the Makeup Primer as everyone loves it. Have them put about a 1/4 of a pump of the primer on the top of the same hand where we put the serum & moisturizer were applied.

Another one of my FAVORITE things about Arbonne is how they offer ways to purchase product, so that it can be affordable on anyone's budget!

The Close: Four Ways to Win


2. Preferred Client: 20% - 40% OFF DISCOUNT FOR 1 YEAR, with free shipping on all orders over $150 + earn free product reward offers on every qualifying order you place.


PROGRAM. When you host an event for me, it allows me to share Arbonne with your friends so I can

expand my network and so I can help more people! On the night of your event, you will get a link to be able to shop for anything you want in the catalog at the 35% - 50% Off.

In addition, I give each of my hosts a free gift from our Free Gift List. Some of these gifts are worth up to $100! (This is the time when you would do a Booking Game if you want to do one. The book to look game is one that guests find fun and really get behind!)

4. Consultant: RECEIVE FROM 35% - 50% OFF YOUR PERSONAL ORDERS + Weekly Pay

from any Client & Preferred Client Orders + Override Commission Opportunities to get paid %’s on the sales volume of your Consultants sales volume, as well as on their clients & preferred clients orders.

Because of Arbonne and Your Invitation to Take a Look

Because of Arbonne...

(Share some of the things Arbonne has afforded for you and your family.)

I like to talk about how its given me :

-Both time & financial flexibility.

-The ability to help others get healthy & become more confident in their skin and bodies.

-Travel opportunities.

-Friendship & community

I love how arbonne makes everyone feel welcome, like their matter. Its a company where you feel like your voice is heard. With Arbonne, you will always have a place at the table.

Men and women from all walks of life have started their own businesses. Some work it part-time & some full-time. Most work their business around their full-time jobs.

Instructions to Place Orders

In closing, if you don’t have any specific questions for me, I will have you go ahead and look over the catalogs I gave you & start figuring out what products you are interested in ordering tonight. Any orders you place tonight will help out your host & will allow them to earn additional Host Perk Rewards from me!

If you need help deciding which products to start with; please feel free to ask me to help!

I can help you decide which products work best for your skin type, health goals, and/or your budget!

If anyone has to leave right away, I can take care of you first!

** Ask everyone who filled out the Client Profile Wish List Sheet to give them to you now, so you can do a quick draw. (I like to use the Sheet Mask or the Botaniques Body Wash as the draw gift.)

After the draw, thank everyone for coming, then sit close to the guests to help them with filling out their order form. Try to interact with the guests as much as possible so they dont get distracted and not order or leave before you are able to close their order.

Tips for Getting the Order

As you are placing orders for guests, if you notice someone hasn’t ordered the 30DHL or the Skincare System; ask them if they would be open to taking home a sample to try. If they are willing to try sample, jot their info down so you can mail them some samples or if you have some with you, you can go ahead and give them the samples to take home.

(Be sure you get their follow-up information & let them know you will be touching base with them to get their thoughts. This gives you the opportunity to have additional interactions with them).

If someone at the presentation seemed engaged & interested in what you were saying, ask them if they would be open to hosting an event themselves and/or if they would be interested in doing something like this as a business themselves?

(This is when you would give someone interested in hosting or the business; a take a look packet or a host packet.)

Printable Notecards to Use for Your Presentation