Learning Experience Four


Response to Intervention

This three tiered approached is essential to student success. Below you will find a video on RTI.
Exploring Response to Intervention: A Growing Educational Framework for Success

Video Modelling

Video Modelling is an evidence based instructional strategy that is use for students who are identified within the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Please watch the video below to learn more about it.
Video self modeling for social skill instruction



- Focuses on changing socially significant behaviour in meaningful ways

- Deficits of autism result largely from a learning “blockage” which can be overcome by intensive teaching

ABA is a philosophy that involves the scientific and systematic application of methods based upon behavioral principles. This approach has been proven to be effective with a wide variety of behavioral disorders and symptoms. It has been effective when applied to working with individuals with an autism spectrum disorder in that intervention is focused on stetting up the environment, reducing behavioral symptoms and increasing functional replacement skills.

ABA Therapy Help for Autism

Math Talk

Math talk is designed to help build a community of learners who engage in meaningful math discussions. The discussions are meant to give the students and opportunity to explain their thinking. It should be noted that it is more of a math conversation, where students engage in as much child-top-child talk as possible and the teacher acts as a facilitator and guide. During math talks students are asked to explain their thinking, answer questions, and justify their answers. They may use “proof drawings” to justify their answers. The dialogue that stems from the math talk increases student confidence and helps students to use mathematical and everyday language.

Math Talk Modeling

Reading Fluency and Repeated Reading

Building Reading Fluency with Repeated Reading.mp4
Timothy Rasinski Ph.D. Endorses WhisperPhone

Five Words to Describe the Course

Lisa's Words




accessible almost anywhere

all most done ...woo hoo (I realize this starts with a w...)

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Laura's Words






Nikki's Words

    • Informative
    • Inviting
    • Instructive
    • Inspirational
    • Intuitive

Nicole's Words




Embarking on a new journey


Andrea's Words

Activate (my thinking)

Accumulate (resources)

Anticipate (the opportunity to be a SERT)

Acquire (knowledge)

Awesome (now I have my Special Education Specialist!!)

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Final Thoughts



  • To lead people is to walk beside them, and listen
  • Take the time to understand and
  • Inspire them to share their vision
  • Celebrate their success
  • Collaborate with them
  • Become like the geese and take turns leading the flight.
  • Then fly together with purpose and enthusiasm.Learning Community
Overall, I have learned an abundance of new information, but have also built upon and reinforced some of the ideas I already had. I've really enjoyed this course as it has allowed me to reflect on my own teaching and made me think what else there is I could still be doing. I think that is how I have learned best through this course. I've also come to realize that I could be a leader as I do have the qualities to be one. I never really considered myself one before, but this course has definitely brought that to light. I have also enjoyed all the web 2.0 tools that have been used in this course, as they have inspired me to find ways to use them in my own classroom. I have definitely enjoyed this course, and can't believe a month has flown by already!
I learned so much about Special Education. What I really feel I am taking away from the course is that I have much stronger leadership skills now and ready to take on new roles in special education. I am looking forward to sharing my newly acquired knowledge with my colleagues in the future.

Learning Community

I want to thank all of you for your ideas, your input, the honesty, your constructive views and for deepening my understanding along the way. It has been a pleasure and an honour to meet all of you and to become part of this collaborative learning community.

I have enjoyed learning from all of you during this course, and thinking a little bit deeper about what I am doing as a teacher and how to enhance to lives of my students. I also liked the creative use of feedback from you using the web 2.0 tools, Charlie, although that last one where you were a man threw me for a loop! Thanks for showing me how easy it is to incorporate technology in fun and practical ways.
I am taking away a number of amazing things from this course!! First and for most, I feel re-born in regards to Special Education and my future career. I came into this course feeling extremely discouraged about the job prospects and insecure from another year of supply teaching. This course has taught me many things and reinforced my love for Special Education. I really believe that I have what it takes to be a future leader and posses a new set of strategies to make a difference with my students in the mean time. I also feel strongly about working on the many leadership qualities we talked about, so that I am ready when the opportunities come knocking!