Where About One-Sixth of All Humans Live

By: Kaylynn Steffen

Basic Facts

Population: 1,251,695,584
Capital: New Delhi
head of state: President Pranab Mukherjee
head of government: Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Government: Democracy
Languages: Mostly Hindu and English
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In India their family and culture is very important to them. Usually, the father is in charge of the family. However, sometimes the oldest male kid takes care of the family. In most families the kids go to school. Sometimes the family needs the kids to work instead of going to school in older ages to earn money which would help support their family.


Many hundreds of different languages and dialects are spoken in India. The Indo-Aryan and the Dravidian, two linguistic groups, account for the languages spoken by all but a small group of India's people. Hindu and English are the official languages of the government. Although, Hindu is the most important language spoken in India. Hindu is spoken as a first language by nearly 40% of India's population. The Indian constitution also recognizes 22 official “scheduled languages”.

Festivals and Holidays

India has five main festivals throughout the year. These festivals are Diwali, Dussehra, Karwa Chauth, Ganpati, and Ruksha Bandhan. Diwali is perhaps the most well known of the Indian festivals. Diwali is known as known as the "festival of lights" because during this Indian holiday they light small oil lamps and place them around the home, and in other urban areas. Diwali takes place usually 18 days after Dusserah. The purpose of Diwali, celebrated by people throughout India and in Indian communities, is to signify the renewal of life. India also celebrates many holidays. Their four major holidays are Republic day which is January 26th, Independence day which is August 15th, Gandhi's Birthday which is October 2nd, and Christmas which is on December 25th. Some of their major holidays are based off of the Lunar Calendar.


Children in India attend school for around eleven months per year. India has primary schools (elementary) as well as secondary (Junior high and High School). In 2009 91% of boys and 88% of girls were enrolled in primary schooling. Although, in the same year only 61% of boys and 52% of girls were planning on attending secondary school. In secondary school the kids would study math, science, modern history, India's government and constitution, art, and many of India's foreign languages. On average, there are 40-50 students in a secondary classroom. The overall literacy rate for both males and females is 71.2%, for boys alone it is 81.3%, and just for females it is 60.6%.

Food and Clothing

Many of the popular food dishes in India contain combinations of vegetables, lentils, rice, bread, and yogurt. Rice, bread, and vegetables are all very common Indian meals. Indian food is now popular all around the globe. Many people love the combinations of spices. However, some Indian dishes are so spicy that many people can't tolerate them unless they have grown up eating these dishes. For clothing in India most males dress traditionally and women wear long pieces of fabric called Sarees. Sarees can be worn many different ways. For special occasions women will have henna temporary tattoos.
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Sports and Entertainment

In India, men are mostly the only ones who play sports. However, women occasionally play tennis, Field Hockey, or ping pong. Women mostly stay home and take care of the children, do housework, and cook. Cricket is the most well known sport in India. Dance and Music are also a huge part of Indian culture and entertainment.

music and dance

Music in India includes multiple kinds of folk music, pop, and Indian classical music. Classical music is the most common. Many people in India also perform Indian dances. There are eight common classical Indian dance styles. These include Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Mohiniyattam, Odissi, and Sattriya. Most of these performance are for special occasions such as holiday parties or weddings. When performing these dances women wear bright colored dresses.


Cricket was invented in England during the 1500's. People all over India watch the national cricket team play. In 2011, India won the coveted Cricket World Cup in a tight game against Sri Lanka. The Indian cricket team, also known as team India and the men in blue, is the national Cricket team in India. Cricket is played with a ball and a flat bat.
Kids Practices the lovely game CRICKET at CricMax Indoor Nets


In India, tennis isn't as huge or as fan followed as cricket although in recent decades this sport has been growing throughout India. Tennis especially grew in 1999 when Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi won the doubles title at Wimbledon, the world's most elite tennis tournament. Again, in 2009 two Indian tennis players won the doubles title at the Australian Open.

Field Hockey

Field Hockey is also a national sport in India. The amount of Indians that played Field Hockey increased dramatically between 1928 and 1956 when six Olympic gold medals were won by Indian teams. In 1964 and 1980 Two more Olympic wins were achieved by Indians. Throughout the years Cricket has become more and more popular in India making the amount of Field Hockey players decrease.


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