The Melting Pot

By: Addi Burns

Is it Haunted?

On a night when many people go to professional haunted house shows, some stick with what they think are the real deal. Scores of people believe The Melting Pot restaurant in Littleton is haunted by spirits. New and old employees said they have encountered events that leave them convinced that the building is haunted.

The Way.

The story of one staffer who was putting glasses away in an upstairs room. The worker said she went into the other room and heard noises. When she returned she said the glasses had been moved from the table to a bench. No one else was around. A team of paranormal investigators recently spent the night at the building. They claim they recorded mysterious sounds that have no explanation. Denver's Cheeseman Park is another Colorado site that some believe to be haunted. At one time it served as a cemetery for the city. The city then converted the land to public use and according to legend, paid a grave digger to remove the bodies to a new location. According to the story, the worker did a poor job, leaving bodies and body parts in the park. Writers to Internet chat sites tell stories of strange encounters