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November 27 , 2022

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Advent Season is Here.

Happy New Year! While a month yet remains in the civil year, the Church is celebrating the beginning of a new Liturgical year with the First Sunday of Advent on November 27, 2022

Advent — from the Latin ad venio, “to come” — is the liturgical season anticipating the Adventus Domini, the "coming of the Lord.”

While the days grow shorter and colder, we prepare for the “Sun of Justice” who comes to kindle our hearts with his light and his love.

The Eternal Word, who is outside of time, became Incarnate in time, thereby making all-time sacred.

In the season of Advent, we await the coming of Christ

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Bear Tracks Ice Melt Pick UP --- YOUR ORDER IS IN -- pick up is TOMORROW

Your BEAR TRACKS orders are going to be available for pickup from:

3:30pm to 8:00pm NOVEMBER 28, 2022 at 4 Milford Crescent, Sherwood Park.

We do understand some will not be able to come at this time.

If you can not pick up between this allotted time, please let me know so we can schedule something else.

These orders are heavy so if you have a large order please ensure you have a truck or trailer. ALL orders MUST BE PICKED UP tomorrow!

Please text me at (780) 819-1916 if you need to connect with me.

The students very much appreciate your efforts!!

Kerstin Adamson

Madonna Parent Council Chair

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School Council Meeting

School Council Meeting is in person. This Wednesday, November 30 @ 7 pm. We will meet in the School Library. Please come, all parents who have children at Madonna are automatically School Council Members. Come out and meet other parents and find out what is happening at Madonna. We would love to see you.
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General Health Prevention Practices

Please continue to follow the health guidelines.

It is recommended that symptomatic individuals stay at home until they are feeling well, are able to fully participate in all normal school activities and have reached the end of the recommended isolation period (as applicable):

Please contact Health LINK Alberta toll-free at 811 if you have any further questions.

PLEASE NOTE THE INFLUENZA lETTER SENT BY ahs... this was sent out earlier this week.

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Jack n Beanstalk Presentation on December 5th 9:30 am, put on by The Alberta Musical Theatre Company.

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Christmas Advent Concert ..PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDAR

Please Mark Your Calendar ...

The Advent Christmas Concert will be on Friday, December 16th @ OLPH Parish

Doors Open at 6:30 pm

The concert time 6:45 pm to 7:30 pm

... more information to come

This concert will be available on the live stream.

Therefore any family members that are out of town can watch it live.

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Grab n Go Breakfast Program

Starting Nov. 28th ... TOMORROW

There will be food items for students, every morning in the boot rooms on a cart. If students are hungry, they are very welcome to help themselves to 2 items.

The items will be easy to eat and nutritious. Yogurt Tubes, Cheese Strings, granola bars, small oranges or bananas.

All children can have up to 2 items.

Please note that it is always most important that your child has breakfast at home first.

This program is funded by donations. We currently have received a $1000 donation from Walmart.

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Up Coming Events


Sunday 27 - Advent Season Starts

28th - 20 th -- 8:50 am Every morning.The entire school will gather around the Advent Wreath Sing "Violets in the Snow" and Say a Prayer. Families are welcome to join us in the gym daily.

28 - Gotcha Assembly in the afternoon.

29- Swimming Lessons

  • Grade 1 - Mrs. Stadnick/Mrs. Perri

  • Grade 2 - Ms. Stankey

  • Grade 3 - Mrs. Vukovic

  • Grade 3/4 - Ms. Gauthier

30- School Council Meeting .... in person ... 7 pm


1 -Swimming Lessons - Last Swimming Lesson

  • Grade 1 - Mrs. Noel

  • Grade 2 - Mrs. LaRose

  • Grade 4 - Ms. Podoborozny


5- Jack and the Beanstalk Performance 9:30 start

6- Swimming Lesson - Last Swimming Lesson

  • Grade 1 - Mrs. Stadnick/Mrs. Perri

  • Grade 2 - Ms. Stankey

  • Grade 3 - Mrs. Vukovic

  • Grade 3/4 - Ms. Gauthier


7- School Spirit Day ... Crazy Socks Day

8 - Grade 1 Field trip to Parish and Library

14 - Bend the Rules Day

16 - Advent Christmas Concert ... 6:30 pm doors open. start time 6:45 pm

20 - Christmas Mass at OLPH Parish 10:00 am




2S’s Virtual Trip to Meteghan, NS

Preparing our hearts for Jesus' Birthday with all the grade 3's! Nativity drawing and painting on canvas!

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Sunday Mass

Saturday vigil 5:00 pm
Sunday 8:30 am, 10:30 am, 12:30 pm and 7:00 pm

Weekday Mass

Monday to Saturday 8:30 am
Monday to Friday 6:15 pm

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