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August 20, 2021

This is the place to find updates for Teaching and Learning and information about current PL offerings.

Dear Staff,

Welcome Back!!!!!

Next week the elementary teachers and staff will be back and having their building professional learning and Nuts and Bolts time together. Summer seems to have flown by. I am very excited to get the year started. I remember the excitement a new school year brings for students, staff and teachers.


Collective Teacher Efficacy

The collective belief of teachers in their ability to positively affect students, and their willingness to climb over barriers.

Words Matter!

What other deficit language should we work to replace with more positive, additive language?

Learning Loss-Unfinished Learning


Post-Pandemic-Accelerated, Recovery


Safe Place- Brave Place

In School Suspension-Student Success Room

Traditional-Established, Standard

The real measure

of success is whether

students continue to do

so what they learned


the unit is over.

carl Anderson

Be yourself, everyone else is taken. -Oscar Wilde

When you look at a lesson plan,

you will probably not see things

like patience and care, and

support, and joy, and a sense of

humor...yet these are some of the qualities that define great

teachers. -Danny Steele

No Significant Learning occurs without a Significant Relationship.- Dr. Comer

"Do our students see any difference after one of our professional learning days?"- George Couros

Moby Max

Hello teachers,

We've renewed our MobyMax license. If you're new to MobyMax, check out this 5-minute Getting Started video, or watch the Advanced Tutorial for a comprehensive overview.

MobyMax hosts free live training webinars several times a week. Click here for a schedule of upcoming webinars and directions on how to join.

One of the best parts about Moby is that you also have access to excellent customer service, easy-to-follow FAQs, and a robust video library.

Please do not hesitate to call (888-793-8331) or email ( at any time.

Thank you,
Scott Anderson

207-292-7297 | Schedule on my calendar

MobyMax is here to help you tackle the COVID slide, no matter what your learning environment looks like. Ask me about our most popular features for blended, hybrid, and remote learning!

Travis Rush Technology Education Lead

August 20-2021

Let me first start by saying WELCOME BACK and welcome to all the new Eatonville School District certificated, classified and non-reps! I am excited to work together to continue to make this a great little corner of Washington State!

If you would like to watch a video of this letter rather than reading it!

The teaching and learning department has been busy this summer working on the plans and organization for UDL and PLC training. As a part of that, the technology education wing has been working on the tools you will need to make these training a reality in the classroom. Imagine Teaching and Learning running a PD for you that a bolt holds things together better than a nail, and Technology Education giving you the wrench or the drill to do it!

As a district we will be continuing the use of our CORE FOUR of Google Classroom, Google Meets, Screencastify and Google Drive to benefit ALL STUDENTS and create a blended learning model that can differentiate and pivot. It is impossible to achieve a true UDL mindset and classroom structure without the use of technology.

As we move forward this year, the Blended Learning Teacher Team (BLTT’s) will be creating PD’s for staff that will provide you with the TOOLS for success after you engage in the PLC and UDL training within your buildings. These trainings will be able to offer up to 10-12 STEM clock hours.

In the meantime as you prepare for the beginning of the year please use the following document if needed for TV, Doc Camera, and other “hardware” help.

TV and Hardware Help

Also don't forget the access you and the students have to CLEVER. This “landing site” provides students and teachers with login and program assistance. This saves time as well as tracks progress.

Programs Currently in Clever

Let’s have a great year!


Travis Rush

Technology Education Lead

UDL/ Inclusionary Practice Corner

What is UDL?

In Its most basic definition, UDL is thoroughly knowing the concept you're going to teach and presenting that concept in different ways while engaging the students and encouraging them to express their knowledge in different ways.

The "universal" Concept means we can design a lesson with enough flexibility to work for all learners that remains focused on the same firm goals.

David Rose-"Most curricula are designed and developed as if students were homogeneous, and the most common approach to curriculum design is to address the needs of the so-called "average" student.


UDL Now!

Newsletter | 2021 | August

Build Your Vision

Ahhhh August. The weather is hot, the sun is shining, and the 2021-2022 school year is around the corner. As the school year begins, I always like to take this time to focus on my my goals and objectives for the year ahead - both personally and professionally - and take time to review and update my vision board.

If you have never created your own vision board - I HIGHLY recommend you start. Before you scoff at the idea, hear me out. Research has shown that the power of visualization and mental practice has proven to be nearly as effective as the physical act itself. So much so that athletes such as Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods, and Olympians around the world are strong advocates of mental visualization to help achieve their goals.

So, where do you begin?

  • Start by asking yourself, how do I heighten the salience of my goals and objectives personally and professionally?
  • Once you have established clear goals - begin to populate your vision. This could be in any form of media that works best for you (such as cutting out images, creating a Pinterest board, drawing it out, etc)
  • Match your visualizations against your goals and create one cohesive vision board.

Or you can join me the week of August 16th and we can build our vision boards together, as a part of the upcoming weeklong course Back to School with UDL. Whether you are already back in the classroom, or heading back soon, this course will help you kick off the year with UDL at the forefront. More information is below. And psssstttt, I will share my big, hairy goals for this year which is so scary to put out into the universe!

Whatever path you take towards creating your vision - I hope that it helps you to find balance as we move into the next school year.

- Katie

Resources for the Year Ahead

Take it to the Next Level: Online Courses

Back to School with UDL

Async & Sync ~ 8.16.21-8.20.21

One week - everything you need to prep for the year ahead.

Introduction to UDL

Async ~ 9.16.21-11.14.21

Learn How to Support and Challenge All Students in Inclusive Classrooms.

Explore All Facilitated and Self-Directed Courses

Earn a Graduate Certificate in Universal Design for Learning From UPenn GSE in as Little as Three Months

Course Instructors: George Couros and Katie Novak

Acquire the tools you need to embrace learner variability, proactively identify barriers, and unlearn the beliefs, skills, and systems that prevent all students from learning and innovating.

Learn More