Welcome to Neptune!

Tours starting at 175K

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Come to Neptune!

Tours Start at 175K and range to 800K. Take a tour on Neptune explore and take a look around, why not? You are guaranteed fun or your money back! Trips take around 14 days to get to the marvelous planet. You can also go to its biggest moon, to see exciting volcanoes!

Extra Fees Optional

These include but not limited to; Extra time available at Neptune, Extra Resources (food, water), Higher Grade Space Suit and extra capsule space.


You will be Traveling in a comfortable, heated, medium sized space capsule. These capsules hold 5 people per ship. If you are willing to pay, you can have a boosted size capsule holding 8 people.


Each capsule will have 1-2 Service Members, available at your service 24/7.


  1. Can you live on Neptune your whole life? No, because Neptune Doesn't have a surface, only a core. Also the native temperature Is too cold for humans to live there. We will give you the best protection possible.
  2. What does the Capsule look like? The model is a NEPT-63851-SKYE Upper class space ship. It looks like a huge sphere with one door.
  3. Can we go to any of its moons? Only one is available at the Moment, that being Triton you will to be able to fascinating live volcanoes that shoot out Nitrogen and various other gases.
  4. What type of suits will we wear? You will wear Fur implanted, natural heated, silver colored, Suits. To rent Higher grade suits you must pay extra fees.
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10 Marvelous Fun Facts

  1. This one's a gimme, Neptune was named after the roman god of the sea.
  2. Neptune is the third largest planet in our solar system.
  3. Neptune is the farthest planet from the sun.
  4. 165 Earth years make up 1 year on Neptune.
  5. Neptune is the fourth biggest planet in diameter.
  6. Neptune has 14 moons!
  7. Neptune has Very, Very thin rings made up of dust and ice particles.
  8. Triton is Neptune's largest moon, and the only large moon in our solar system to go the opposite rotation of its planet
  9. Neptune is the smallest of gas giants.
  10. Neptune has almost identical gravitational pull to Earth.

Price is Limited!

This price is only available at 175K for little time the amount of trips have been booming since 2013, so the price can only go up! So com on down today!