DHSB Alumni Newsletter

8th April 2022


Dear Alumni,

I hope you are all keeping well - I think we can all agree that its been a very long and challenging two years. Thank you to everyone who read my previous newsletter - in 180 locations! If you would like to catch up on previous newsletters just follow this link:


I'm excited to share with you that due to the success of our 125th Anniversary Event in October I have planned another one! You can be excused for thinking it will be a 126th Anniversary Event but in fact it will be to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Old Boys’ Association 😀. Now of course, replaced by the Alumni Association to recognise our female students - although I'm still waiting for one to join 😀

The event will take place on the 16th July at the school. It will be a more low key event than the last one but I think it will be just as enjoyable. There were a number of disappointed alumni who couldn't make it in October so hopefully this date will be more suitable.

It will start at 12.30pm and finish late afternoon. There will be a lunchtime buffet, our history of DHSB exhibition, a licensed bar with our popular 'Alonzo'' and 'Colonnade' ales (back by popular demand!) made by local brewery Summerskills and the opportunity to wander through the school buildings at your leisure. Tickets cost £20 and can be bought here:


There are two events so please make sure you select the correct one.

We have a no quibble refund policy so please buy your tickets 😄

There will be no tree planting as our shiny new spade hasn’t been returned (see December newsletter 😀) and no nipping to Home Park to watch Plymouth Argyle this time as they will not be playing 😀.(aren’t they doing fantastic though ⚽️!)

Talking of Plymouth Argyle though reminds me of an interesting email I received from Philip Shute. He pointed out that during his time the blazers were described as 'myrtle green' - not bottle green and that when 'old boy' Paul Stapleton took over as club Chairman at Argyle the kit colour changed to myrtle green and it's remained so ever since. Coincidence? I like a DHSB connection - however tenuous it may be 😀. Thank you Philip.

John Williams also contacted me after reading my last newsletter. You may remember I mentioned the Devonport High School in Tasmania. John was a DHSB student from 1950-58 and recalls there was an exchange of information with the other DHS. Both schools were asked to write about themselves, their school and their city. Does anyone else remember this too? I've not come across anything relating to this in our Archives yet. John actually contacted the other DHS and they're going to look to see if they still have anything. It would be very interesting if they are able to find the information our students sent over - a snapshot of 1950s DHSB. Thanks again John for the information.

I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate former student Harrison Nash who was awarded a British Empire Medal for his services to the children of South Africa as Charity Director of Maranatha Care Children. He was actually recognised in the 2020 Queen's New Year Honours List but COVID delayed the presentation by two years. During a visit home just before Christmas Harrison was kind enough to come in to school to speak to our Sixth Form students. If you feel you are able to come in to share your insights with our students please contact me - Queen's Honours are not essential 😀

Congratulations too to Owen Weymouth, another former student, who in December was presented with the FINA World's Best Male High Diver Award for 2021. This achievement, along with his partner, Eleonor Smart's, who received the Best Female High Diver Award, was recognised at the International Swimming Federation World Aquatics Gala in Abu Dhabi. Owen is 23 years old now but at the age of just 17 he made his Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series debut in one of the most unique event's in the Sport's history - diving from a platform perched on the edge of a restaurant, in the middle of Dubai Marina, at night time. A definite jump in the deep end! In 2016 Owen was the youngest ever athlete to compete in the FINA High Diving World Championships. Owen is passionate about promoting his sport.

Music fans you have probably heard of Bastille, their drummer Woody is one of our former students and they are currently on tour here and in Europe. The DHSB connection doesn’t stop there though, they are being supported by The Native - a homegrown band from DHSB. We are watching and we’re very proud of you! The tour reaches Plymouth Pavilions this month. If you’re thinking you’d like to go you’re out of luck as unfortunately it’s been sold out for a while.

DHSB was delighted in March to finally open our new Visitor Reception in the former Guard House. It's been an electricity substation since DHSB was established on this site. I've attached some photos for you to see how fantastic it looks! If you bought our bottles of 'Colonnade' beer you will recognise the sketch of DHSB which has been used in the new reception too. For those who don't know, Michael Phare did the sketch when he was a student here in the late 1970s. He was reacquainted with it, to his surprise, on a tour of the school just a few years ago with his peers. Lucky for us Michael is happy for us to use it - thank you again Michael. As you can see it perfectly complements the new reception. Photo credits: Sarah Nicholson and myself.

Apologies to our Alumni Association members as there has been a delay in sending out the annual School Magazine which is produced by our students. Hopefully you will receive it in the next couple of months. If you are not a member of our Alumni Association and would like to join please follow this link:


Membership costs £10.00 per year. You will receive the annual School Magazine and newsletters. Any surplus goes towards Speech Day prizes.

We have a few bottles of ‘Alonzo’ beer left from our event if anyone is local and would like to buy some? As the best before date is May we are selling them at the bargain price of 5 bottles for £10! They are produced by local brewery Summerskills. Please get in touch if you are interested.

I think that is all my news for now. Please keep sending me your memories and photos - I love to see them. Apologies if there is a delay in me responding - you will get a reply. Don’t forget to take a look at our Alumni website too where there are memories, photos, magazines and our own DHSB merchandise shop:


Hope you can make our summer event and I look forward to meeting you. Wishing you a Happy Easter.

Best wishes,

Beverley Kinsella

Alumni Engagement & Archives