Marine Biome

By: Jaden Jacobs

Weather & Climate

The average tempature of all oceans is 39f

The farther down you go in the ocean the colder it gets because the sun doesn't get to warm it

In the Bahamas the low is 79 degrees high 90 degrees.

A reef is a coral community that consist of several thousand organisms living together.

Bodies of water & Landforms

Bodies of Water- Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Arctic oceans

Landforms/Islands- Hawaii and Bahamas

"Canyons"- The deepest point in the ocean is Marians Trench (36,200 feet or 10,000 meters)

Why is the water Salty?

The water is salty because of all the rocks breaking down causing that salty taste.....

For every gallon of water there is one cup of salt!

A coral reef take 100 years to grow 1 inch!!

Plants & Animals

One million species of plants and animals have been discovered in the oceans.

Sscientists say there may be nine million more species we haven't found yet.

Ocean is very important because of all the algae If there wasn't marine algae we wouldn't be able to breathe!

Coral Reefs supply homes and shelters for fish.

Big fish eat little fish!!