Gregor Mendel

The Father of Genetics

Gregor Mendel

Gregor Mendel is a scientist who is the father of gentics. He figured out how gentics worked by using pea plants.

Early Accomplishments

  • Very intellingant child.
  • Got sent to boarding school.
  • Was accepted into the University of Olomouc
  • Studied genetics using pea plants

Struggles along the way

  • His parents couldn't afford boarding school so he tutored kids.
  • He couldnt find a job after school


  • He used pea plants instead of trees because trees took a lot longer then plants do.
  • He wrote a paper about plant hybrids.


He discovered that when he mixed green and yellow pea plants that it produced 3 yellow to one green. 3:1

He crossed a pure yellow with a pure green to make a hybrid.

The first generation produced all yellow but the second generation produced mostly yellow but some green here and there.


Scientist didn't react to his work till way after he died. About 40 years since he completed his work was when he got acknowlged for it.


He figured out that hybrids can be formed and he discovered how it happens. With pea plants the dominant one was yellow and then recessive one was green and the dominant produced its own but sometimes some green came out.


Dominant:One has more then the other

Example:There were more yellow peas then green.

Recissive:One lacks what other has

Example:There were less green peas then yellow

CoDominant:Both have equal or close to equal amount.

Example:The green peas and yellow peas were the same.

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