Cooke's Corner

Eastlake Middle School 7.23.18

Welcome Back!

Hello Team!

It's performance time. We are about to raise the curtains! So, let's get to a few reminder for this week:

1. Plan on arriving early tomorrow to avoid traffic. Breakfast burritos and coffee will be ready by 7:30 in the teachers' lounge.

2. Monday, July 23rd -- Please wear your new purple polos and show up at the front of the school by 7:50 to welcome our new students with a spirit tunnel. You will be released back at 8:05. You will have a designated TSP for locator cards. Please be outside your doors to assist students.

*Students should be released to the pavilion if they have any schedule conflicts other than they want a new elective or different period for a class.

*Campus supervisors will pick up all the locator cards that have not been claimed.

*Please take attendance for all classes. We are dropping students at the end of the day.

*English Teachers: Please be on the lookout for our ELD students. If you feel they are misplaced let the administration team know right away.

*Please review Courtney Quinn's email regarding LTELs! Very important.

*Start nominating awesome students for Triton Shell Awards!

*New teachers: We will meet shortly after school on Monday.

3. Budget. I have released budget information to your department chairs. All purchases will start with your department and through your chair including Eastlake Education Foundation grants (although you may still request one on your own, but please let me know the reason).

4. Knowledge Bowl. You have a passion for trivia and for kids. We have the perfect job for you. Let me know if you would like to be the Knowledge Bowl Advisor. You will have a special TSP and opportunities to compete with other schools. Lots of fun!!

5. Check out 504 plans that have been left in your boxes. Let's make sure we support all kids. If you have questions, let us know.

Let's be rock stars tomorrow!


We need you!

Last chance! Please fill out this google form if you interested in supervision or leadership opportunities. This list includes such things as lunch supervision, 1/6th, intramural sports and intramural sports.

Please join Hearts and Flowers!! They do so much for our school. Please see Mrs. McNamee for more information!!

Systems Hyperdoc

Important Information


I have synthesized many protocols, procedures and protocols over the past year. I appreciate the feedback of the Action Teams as well. We are going to start using this hyperdoc as a landing place for many informational items. There are some items we are still working on, but please in the meantime bookmark this link and refer to it for many important items. Pay careful attention to your nutrition break duties! ;-)

Systems Hyperdoc Link

New Logo

Phasing In Process

We have new logos to share with the school in conjunction with our mission statement. We want to start a branding process and start utilizing the new logos for your school-related items. Here is one!
Big picture
Big picture


Required Course and Dates

1. Evaluations - We will hold a meeting for those who will be on the evaluation cycle this year.

2. Mandated Reporter -- MUST BE DONE BY August 24, 2018. The district will send you a link. Decide PLC time to complete this training.

3. Preventing Sexual Harassment -- MUST BE DONE BY August 24, 2018. The district will send you a link. Decide PLC time to complete this training.

3. Preventing Sexual Misconduct -- MUST BE DONE BY December 21, 2018. We will do this during the October PD.

Recognizing Mr. Sanchez and the SPED Deparment

Putting Our Kids First!

I want to thank Mr. Sanchez and the SPED Department for getting our students ready for the year. They spent an inordinate amount of time processing IEPs this summer. Also, check out Ruben and his annual hike with underprivileged students!
Big picture

Coffee Club!

We will have a Keurig machine (thanks Dean and Shannon!) placed in the staff lounge for use. We would like to suggest the creation of a coffee club and purchase K-cups each month. We need to get a sense of how many people would be interested in contributing $5-$10 a month for a wide variety of coffee and tea. The money would also cover coffee creamer (both dairy and non-dairy). We can make better use of the money if we buy in bulk. This would be an honor system. Please fill out this google form. Let us know if you have a preference for creamer or simply mark both.

Little Bit of Inspiration

The Power of Music

We are part of this great harmony of life called education. Inspire and remember to conduct your classes with grace and passion. Make every instrument shine...