6 things to know about soccer

by Ricky Marker

World Cup

Every four years the FIFA committee holds a big international soccer tournament for the worlds top players to participate with their home country. There are several big world teams that have won this tournament multiple times, such as Brazil, Argentina,

Spain and Germany. Most of the players that play on these teams are the top players in the world, and play on the world's best club teams.

How much are soccer players paid?

Soccer players are the highest paid athletes in the world because the club teams they play for put out a lot of money for the athlete to play for them. For instance, Cristiano Ronaldo, an amazing soccer player, earns about $50 million a year just to do what he loves to do, which of course soccer. He also makes more money than Lebron James and Kobe Bryant combined in a single season. (2)

Top Rivalries?

The reason why i love soccer is because of the huge rivalries it has, from club teams to international teams. One of my favorite rivalries in soccer is between USA and Mexico, they have been rivals for over 80 years and had 65 meeting in those years, USA beihng the dominant team.

What kind of shape do you have to be in?

In order to play soccer you need to be in amazing shape, although you have to dedicate a lot of time in the off-season, all the hard work you put in during that period of time definitely pays off when the season come around. ESPN did a research project about different sports, such as baseball, basketball, football(American Football) and how much the athletes run during the duration of game time and the results showed that out all those sports...Soccer players run the most and they run about 9.3 miles in one game.

What are the consequences?

As a soccer player myself, I have broken rules in the past while playing soccer and I had to pay a consequences for my actions. I have been playing soccer for about 11 years now and I have learned to have self-control over the past few years to avoid getting in trouble with the officials. Self-control is big lesson I learned while playing soccer because if you make stupid mistakes while on the pitch or soccer field, that could be costly for you and your team mates as well, so you always have to keep your composure to avoid getting trouble with the officials.

How do you win games?

There are a several guidelines you need to follow to help your team win games. One of those guidelines are to be able to dribble, in order to keep possession as a team you need to know to be able to dribble. Keeping good possession as a team can win you many games, and gives you more chances to score throughout the game. But if your team has trouble maintaining the ball or keeping the ball, thats going to be a big problem because you only win games when you work as a team and have good possession.
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