Math About Me

by Brandon Johnston

My Math

I am 10 years old (1x10). I have a six year old sister (3x2), and a 4 year old brother (2x2). I have written more than 25 stories in the past 3 years (5x5)! My favorite number is 15 (3x5).

For 2 months, I got an allowance of $5 a week. ( 1st month:5+5=10+5=15+5=20+5=25, 2nd month: 25+5=30+5=35+5=40+5=45. My quilt has hexagon tessellations, which they all overlap. There are around at least 700 hexagons in total (70x10)!!!


I have made quite a few out of many math problems in my life! All problems are from my personal life, no websites to credit. I hope you enjoyed these few problems!! I did not use big numbers like googol, googolplex, and others, but I used Fibonacci for one problem. I tried tesselations, (the overlapping patterns) and I did something with my quilt. I could've used an abacus for some of these, but I just used other strategies. Hopefully, I can find more problems!!!

Thanks for reading my poster!!