Study to Show Learning Academy

8416 Oak Crossing Drive West*Jacksonville,Florida* 32244

What's going on?

Family child care providers generally have the advantage in these areas:

Why are parents raving about Study to Show Learning Academy...I have given you a few reasons below but you will have to stop by to find out even more! You and your child will receive a free book just for coming to see us.

  • A home environment for children with lower child/staff ratios, which will help them learn more quickly
  • Individually prepared, nutritious meals
  • A consistent caregiver as the child grows older
  • A comfortable, familiar environment for infants with individualized care to help them thrive
  • Mixed age groups that allow siblings to be together, and long-term friendships to develop

Important Dates in February

6 Zoo trip

12 Valentine's Day party

15 President's Day

Special Thanks

We would like to give a special thank you to the following parents for showing us love... Shana, Christian's mom, for providing kiwi and strawberries for our classroom.

Wish List

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Happy Birthday to you!

Fun at Home

You need to "study" your child

Step back and watch them as they play. Ask yourself some of these questions about their free play, and even jot down notes in the weekly activities planner. These are just a few examples to get you thinking.Don’t think you need to be extravagant with activities, especially when you’re first starting out.

Simple is often best! Less is more. Most importantly...have fun.

What are they playing with?

What do they talk about?

Do they sit and play, or run around?
Do they tell stories?
Are they focusing in on one thing, or jumping from one toy to another?
What do they gravitate towards?
Do they make up stuff or tend to reenact what’s been going on around them?
Are they builders or destructors?

Make this a Sunday night homework and reflect back on the week, once each week, maybe at dinner. Sometimes, an activity might not seem really like an ‘activity’, but just play.

We are hands on as they grow!