Cai Lun

"The Maker of better Paper"

Cai Lun's Biography

Cai Lun is the inventor of paper and the paper making cycle.

Here are some Bullets about his life:

  • Cai Lun was born on 50 AD in China
  • was a eunuch
  • served 4 child Emperors and 2 Empresses
  • was inspired to make paper by a silk-making lady
  • died on 121 AD in China
  • Was a Shang Fang Si (an office in charge of manufacturing instruments and weapons)
  • Cai Lun bathed, dressed in his finest robes and then drank poison and committed suicide


The creative person I chose to analyze was Cai (Ts'ai) Lun. He demonstrated creativity in the field of Media and inventing.


Techniques/Characteristics/Forces of Cai Lun

  • Techniques: Using fishing nets, wood, hemp and rags of cloth to make paper (usually Chinese people used silk which was expensive)
  • Characteristics: Cai Lun (or Ts'ai Lun) was Famous and Well-Respected,Honest, Patient and Cautious.
  • Forces: A silk-making lady : One day while Cai Lun was walking around when he saw a woman make silk from silkworms. It inspired him to make PAPER.

Test of Time

Cai Lun will be recognized 100 years from now because paper is a HUGE thing we use. Even though there may be more technology in the future, paper still may be useful.

We may use them to jot down a couple of notes, print stuff, arts and crafts, and much more.

Justification of Choice

Because Cai Lun made better paper with the cheapest substances and used many different ingredients to make paper and the ingredients were pretty interesting [such as fishing nets]

And to me that is pretty smart.

Also because he was the top 7th person to be in the book: 100 most influential people

By: Mike Hast (or was it Hart?)