School Appropriate Uniforms

by Alec Devries

The Reason I am Against School Uniforms

We go to a public school, because it is meant for the public. When you take away peoples rights to express themselves; you are taking away their freedom of expression. This has been a big topic for years and I find it rather annoying. If someone wants to wear a onesie to school let them? Who are you to decide that it is appropriate? You are preparing us for the work place, yes. However, as long as you force people to do something they will never learn. See the problem in today's world is that we restrict so much and then whine and complain when we don't have any creativity. People don't want to get jobs, because we have become lazy and cannot think for ourselves. When you don't think for yourself you lay around the house looking for someone to tell you what to do. School Uniforms are oddly ridiculous, because it is basically showing that we are all the same when in reality other's say we are not. Children as well as teens get caught in whether or not they are different or if they should just succumb to the pressure around them to be the same. When you are taking away someone's right for freedom of expression you are taking away their right to be themselves.


Did You Grow Up in a World Like Our's?

Everyone talks about the technology we have today, but cannot even grasp the amount of ideas as well as opportunities that it gives us. Not just with cell phones, computers or social media. Clothing is a major expression of personalities as a whole, and everything we do does not have to be taken negatively. I don't think the problem is the clothing; I think the problem is people not being able to accept our world is changing and we are scared, so we stop it from occurring before it even lifts off.