Mya's Steamboat Rides

$1 for every hour.


You should also ride on my steamboats because they are cheaper than the average steamboat business. The dock where we board is on 123 Sesame Street. The name of the boat is "The Boat". I will list some advantages for you. Some advantages are: there is no traffic, it's so much more fun than driving, and it is at a low price of $3 an hour per family! Now some disadvantages are: boiler explosions, whirlpools, and massive waves. You can contact my business at (701)-123-456. You can also hold private parties like birthday parties, anniversaries, or funerals! You should choose my business because it is very cheap. Here is facts about the history of steamboats. In about 1769 a man named James Watt invented an improved version of the steam engine that was in the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution was in about 1790-1870 and was when the industry switched from hand production to machines. The way that James Watt built that steam boat became known to inventors and they started building steamboats that way, with propellers and engines.
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