Let's save the gorillas!

Gorillas are smart and nice animall let's help them survive!

Why are the Virunga Mountain Gorillas Dying?

The hunting of the Virunga Mountain Gorillas is causing them to die in large numbers.One reason hunters kill Gorillas is for food. They also kill them for trophies. Gorillas are not like cows or chickens, their population is lower,so killing one gorilla has a big impact. In a couple of years if the gorillas are still going to be hunted,,, there is going to be one specie smaller. Virunga Mountain Gorillas live in the Virunga Mountain Reservation. So all of the hunters that kill them are poachers.
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Virunga - The Quest to Protect Africa's Oldest National Park

How has the gorilla population changed and why?

Humans cause Virunga mountain Gorillas to die in big amounts by simply hunting. Virunga mountain gorillas are dying in big amounts and not only them but also the other animals. Virunga mountain gorillas are a really smart animal and it’s very sad that humans use them for food and furniture but the most harassing thing is that sometimes they are being killed “Just for fun”! I think humans have to stop dying this because in a hundred years we will be the only thing that's alive on the whole Earth.
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Mountain gorillas at Virunga National Park, DRC

What will happen if the mountain gorillas die off?

I think if Virunga Mountain gorillas die poachers who don't care about nature will gust start killing someone else, it might even be another kind of gorillas. Poachers care about money only people pay big money for an animal or it’s skin. They don’t even care if the whole kind will die. Maybe they will “wake up” from their “murdering+money dream”when there is no more animals to kill! We should be much more careful with Gorillas and for now especially the Virunga Mountain ones. I wish they wake up before it’s too late and there's no going back.

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What action can we take to save the gorillas?

We can do so many things to save the gorillas that could save their whole species. We can raise money and donate it to build the gorilla reserves. We still need make reserves safer for the gorillas. There are poachers that kill gorillas even when they are in a reserve. We have to do this because they can't fend for themselves. People need to get off their couch and take action to make people to be aware how big of a problem it is. In conclusion it’s our responsibility to help the gorillas survive so let’s take action!
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Thank you for reading my flyer!
Dmytro Shcherbakov