Influence on the Constitution

Ian, Chase, Carson, and Darius

Ben Franklin

  • Most important contribution was the Great Compromise
  • The Great Compromise was an idea of equal representation in the senate and proportional representation in the House of Representatives
  • Helped write the Declaration of Independence

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William Blackstone

  • He was quoted more than once when the Constitution was written
  • Helped with four parts

- Rights of Persons

- Rights of Things

- Private Wrongs

- Public Wrongs

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Roman and Greek Infulences


- Checks of Balances

- Codified Law

- Representative Government

- Separation of Powers

- Vetoes and Impeachments

- Scheduled elections


- Greek Democracy

- Trial by jury

- Human Rights at birth

Natural Law

  • laws that are known not necessarily created
  • laws that are formed from morals
  • laws that are formed by religion

Putting it all together

  • Franklin, Blackstone, the Greeks, and Romans all believed in rights for people.