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Is Movement Therapy for Me?

Do you experience any kind of joint or muscle pain?
Do you have limited range of movement? (squat, overhead, deadlift)
Do you plan to make a long term commitment to your training?
Do you want to enhance your performance?
If you answered yes to any of these, then Movement Therapy is for you.

Movement Therapy

Movement therapy is a treatment philosophy that expands our understanding of the role fascia has on movement, pain and posture.

This 'fascia' connects longitudinal or latitudinal 'lines' that functionally operate all movement and posture.

These 'lines' of fascia become tangled and unorganized from the constant strain, tension and necessary stability that we are dependent on every day.

This philosophy focuses on balancing these fascial 'lines' by identifying the root problems and employing a variety of movement strategies to enhance posture and movement function.