School Newsletter

Quarter I - 2019


Winter has arrived...

We all know that winter weather is approaching us rapidly. It is time again to prepare for school cancellation and delay decisions. The information below provides an outline of the process we follow for making school cancellation/delay decisions for weather events.

1. Prior to a “weather event” and early in the morning of an event, we gather information from a variety of sources:

  • We look at forecasts from a variety of sources well in advance.
  • We receive consultation and advice from NOAA (The National Oceanic and AtmosphericAdministration), including several briefs and even conference calls prior to any major storms. We also contract with Roger Hill to provide regular updates and consultation, both prior to and on the morning of events.
  • We communicate, as appropriate, with the road crews and/or police departments for both Barre Town and Barre City, as well as our contracted transportation company and our own staff who are on the roads early.
  • We communicate with other school superintendents in the region to coordinate closing/delay decisions when it makes sense, realizing localized conditions and other factors may necessitate different decisions for different supervisory unions and districts.

2. Our goal is to have a decision made by 5:30am.

  • This is not always possible, as there are many things happening quickly.
  • Most often, NOAA and/or Roger Hill make a recommendation and we follow it, as they get automatic input from many sources and have expertise that we do not. They consider what has happened, what is happening currently and what is most likely to happen as the day goes on. It is rare that our own information does not align with their recommendation.
  • If the recommendations have not come out by 5:30am, we might wait a little longer.
  • If we feel like we have information and circumstances that requires a different decision than the experts’ recommendations, we review everything again carefully before making that decision.

3. Once a decision is made to delay or close, we communicate in the following ways:

  • We initiate a “Call Em All” through the phone system.
  • We contact the media.
  • We send out an email to all staff.
  • We post on Facebook, Twitter, web pages, and phone greetings.
  • We contact the police and road crews.
  • We contact our transportation and food contractors.

The decision to delay or cancel is extremely important for everyone’s safety. We take it very seriously. There is no guarantee that we can make the correct decision every time, but we do our absolute best. Please help us by being patient and understanding, and providing appropriate and constructive feedback.

Save the Date: Senior Class Photo & Meeting

Thursday, Nov. 14th, 12pm

155 Ayers Street

Barre, VT

Please spread the word!

The Senior Class Photo will be taken at noon; beginning of Band C in the Gym and information about Senior Quotes, Deadlines, and Proofing will be discussed.

For those students who have Lunch Band C, please go to Lunch Band B.

If you can not attend and have questions about your Senior Portrait, Quotes/Accolades, & Deadlines, please contact Ms. LaFrancis at


SAVE the DATE: Senior Class Meeting

Thursday, Nov. 14th, 12:30pm

155 Ayers Street

Barre, VT

Immediately following the Senior Class Picture, students will migrate into the Auditorium and learn about

- Caps & Gowns

- Ordering Diplomas

- Project Grad

- College/Scholarship Information

- Much more graduation related information!

If you cannot attend, please contact Mrs. Bicknell about Caps/Gowns/Diplomas via email. Her contact information is



Students Now Engaging the Community on a Deeper Level

Spaulding students and Central Vermont community members are beginning a new relationship.

“We are now asking all of our students to reach out and help the community in a wide variety of ways,” said Margo Austin, the new Flexible Pathways & Community Service Coordinator.

“Community service,” said Mrs. Austin, “is now a required and integral part of our students’ learning experience. It’s an opportunity for all students to engage the community on a deeper level and begin to understand the true concept of civic responsibility and giving back.”

Without volunteers community organizations simply cannot sponsor and create events, Mrs. Austin added. Examples include volunteering at an Elks Club “Dinner for the Veterans,” volunteering at a Saturday “Sort-a-Thon” with the Vermont Foodbank, helping with Barre’s annual “Homecoming Days."

She credited her own volunteer experience with Green Mountain Prevention Projects that led to a career path in human/health services because she developed critical skills that enabled her to be successful as a Junior High Project Director.

In turn, Mrs. Austin echoes the tenets of Tide Pride with “a heart that bleeds crimson.”

To learn more about the program, please contact Mrs. Austin at

SAVE the DATE: Community Forum in the Auditorium

Tuesday, Dec. 3rd, 7am

155 Ayers Street

Barre, VT

Our topic for discussion for this month will be Community Service. Suggestions for future topics are always welcome and may be submitted to Jim Ferland, Assistant Principal, at


Preparing for the Future: Students Immerse Themselves in Robotics, Engineering, and Math.

Thankfully to Mr. Moore, the Mathematics Department has secured a bright future in Robotics and Engineering.

"Right off the bat in this pilot class,” said senior Riley Hodgkins, “Mr. Moore is teaching us robotics through a series of team-based design activities" and labs in the Library.

Another Robotics student, Damien Barnett was in agreement with Riley's statement and said, "it's been a process for all involved."

But they both credit, along with Myles Aja and Jackson Pierson, two Work Based Learning (WBL) students that the Mathematics Department has provided them with the base skills applicable to the WBL STEM Program, especially Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry as key courses to enroll in.

Through a generous grant that the Generator received & WBL's partnership with them, Myles Aja, Dylan Dusablon, Gavin Glosser, Riley Hodgkins, Jackson Pierson, and Jacob Washburn, are presently enrolled in Generator's Advanced Manufacturing Program (AMP) sponsored by the Generator in Burlington, Vermont in conjunction with Vermont Technical College's mobile lab.

AMP is designed to equip them with the skills to program and operate advanced manufacturing equipment that will qualify them for historically hard-to-fill high-paying jobs here in Vermont.

For Jackson Pierson, it's more than being written in a course syllabus, but having a solid understanding in order to learn G code and program complex tasks to solve problems in real world situations, such as being placed at Filabot or being a recipient of Generator's Advanced Manufacturing Program (AMP) for the Fall of 2019.

For these Seniors, the real world is not that far away and through their WBL STEM Rotation with Buttura & Gherardi, Dessureau Machines, Granite Industries of Vermont, GW Plastics, Super ThinSaws, Filabot, and at Advanced Manufacturing Day in the Fall, they are seeing first hand the academic rigor needed for STEM related careers.

In the words of Damien after being at Super ThinSaws, “I’m very hopeful these experiences and learning activities will lead to something very real.”

SAVE the DATE: Celebrating the Arts

Monday, Dec. 9th, 5:30-9pm

155 Ayers Street

Barre, VT

Celebrate our students' talents as they showcase their hard work in the Library with the annual Art Show, following musical performances in the Auditorium at 7pm.


SAVE the DATE: Community Holiday Dinner

Friday, Dec. 20th, 5pm

155 Ayers Street

Barre, VT

Sponsored by National Honor Society and in conjunction with Fitz Vogt Foods, we invite the community for a holiday dinner.

For more information, please contact Pam Smith at & Danielle Brizzolara at


National Honor Society Inductees

The following students were inducted into National Honor Society on Friday, November 8th:

Myles Aja, Lauren Allen, Iris Carter, Hunter Chase, Jack Dodd, Jaylynn Emmons, Camyrn Fewer, Gavin Glosser, Cassandra Graves, Jenna Hallstrom, Megan Hammarstrom, Grace Hardaker, Madison Henderson, Aliza Lindley, Jada MacDonald, Morgan Mast, Kyle May, Nicholas McKelvey, Kai Morse, Marley Ostrout, Grant Otis, Jackson Pierson, Elizabeth Poirier, Hayleigh Pollard, Caelen Radigan, Emma Riddle, Kiana Stevens, Matt Tacey, & Danielle Trottier


In the words of Dolly Parton,

"If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.”

Opal, you embody her words and on behalf of the Spaulding High School Community, thank you and we wish you well on your next adventure.