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January 2022

Lockwood Mission

We provide a learning community that recognizes all students as capable learners. We promote high standards, expect accountability, and celebrate success. Cooperation, responsibility, and confidence promote our goals of life-long learning and responsible citizenship.

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Principal's Message

Dear Lockwood Families,

Hello to 2022! It is hard to believe that we have been in school for 79 days. This year has had some unique challenges and with each one, the Lockwood community has come together to support one another. We have also had so many celebrations and would like to focus on those.

This school year, we have implemented morning recess, allowing students to get their wiggles out and connect with friends. Opportunities have been provided for students to celebrate fall and winter through classrooms, PTA, and PACE activities and festivities. Lockwood now has a student council filled with responsible Leopard Leaders who successfully planned and implemented a coat drive to keep those in need warm over winter. We have had SO many amazing, resourceful, and flexible parent volunteers who have given SO much of their time to supporting Lockwood! And finally, PTA has created a food pantry to fill the bellies of those who need a little extra help. Thank you, Lockwood, for all you do!

Our hope is that we continue to thrive and grow as Leopards and make the second half of the school year even more phenomenal than the first half. We will continue to monitor and adjust protocols for safety - both physically and mentally - for staff, students, and families. This is a partnership and I appreciate being part of this community.

May you fill your New Year with new adventures, accomplishments, and learnings. Make it a great rest of the year!

In partnership,

Tamorah Redshaw

Proud Principal

School Information and Dates

Quarantine Update for Vaccinated Students

With elementary students now getting vaccinated, fully vaccinated (both shots after the two week gestation period) students will now not need to quarantine when in a positive batch unless symptomatic (even just ONE symptom). They can take the test AT Lockwood and immediately return to class.

Behavior Communication Slip Information

In order to keep the lines of communication open with families, the Lockwood PBIS team has created a Behavior Communication slip. This is an optional form that teachers may use in letting families know if a behavior is exhibited that is not in line with the Lockwood PAWS Pillars of Persevering, Acting Responsibly, Working Together, and Staying Safe. You MIGHT see one of these slips come home. Please know, this is NOT a punitive measure. This is to merely bring to your attention some behaviors that you will want to discuss with your child and help them problem solve more appropriate ways to behave at school. We appreciate your support in this!

Adjustment to Morning Drop-off

Just a reminder that yesterday, January 3, 2022, cars are no longer able to make a left turn into the parking lot from Lockwood Road in the morning OR afternoon.This is for safety as much as consistency. We have had several staff members in addition to students who have almost been hit by cars turning left into the parking lot AND by those driving around cars waiting to turn left. We appreciate your understanding and commitment to keeping all the Lockwood community safe before and after school!

Safety Reminder for Drop-off/Pick-up Line

With safety in mind, another reminder to families is to NOT back-up in the drop-off/pick-up line in the morning/afternoon. We understand that children can sometimes take a little time coming out of or getting into a vehicle. We ask that you remain patient and wait for the cars in front of you to pull away before you also pull away to exit the school property. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Taking a Vacation on a School Day?

We understand that things come up on occasion (doctor/dental visits, weddings, funerals, birthdays, etc.). However, your child is expected to attend school every school day that school is in session. Some absences are "excused" (such as medical appointments, cultural/religious observances, school events, etc.) and some are "unexcused" (such as family vacations). This doesn’t mean you can’t take a family vacation—just that you should try to avoid taking them during school days.

In addition, your child’s teacher is not obligated to provide advance homework packets, and catching them up with the class can be difficult. That said, if there happens to be some overlap of your vacation and a school day, you’ll just get a letter reminding you that you shouldn’t take unexcused absences. After three unexcused absences, parents/guardians will be asked to meet with the principal to make sure this is not going to become a regular occurrence. If your child continues to have unexcused absences (5+), families will be asked to sign an attendance plan and only after that fails will next steps be taken. For all the NSD requirements, go here (https://go.boarddocs.com/wa/nsd/Board.nsf/files/ALZMGL4E59C5/$file/3122-ExcUnexcAbsences.pdf)

1st Grade Reading Parent Nights

All parents of 1st grade students are cordially invited to join 1st grade teacher, Kimberly Morgenstern, for two evenings of practical strategies you can use to engage and support your emergent reader.

Kimberly has taught reading for 24 years and is excited to share some insights and tips with you. There will be time for interactive practice and Q & A. These sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend.

Session One: Engagement and Accuracy

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

6:00-7:00pm in the Lockwood Cafeteria*

Session Two: Comprehension and Fluency

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

6:00-7:00pm in the Lockwood Cafeteria*

*Based on how the Omicron variant is proceeding, this MAY turn into a virtual event.

Questions? Please contact Mrs. Morgenstern at kmorgenstern@nsd.org

School Climate Input Survey

As we move into a routine of school and learning, we are hoping to get perspective around the culture and climate of Lockwood. We would appreciate it if you would please take a few minutes to provide your anonymous perspective on Lockwood. The hope is to learn from our community on what makes this school such a special place and how we can work to make it even better. We appreciate your insight and voice. Please click on the link below to fill in the survey.

Important Dates for January and February

There are a few important dates and events you will want to mark on your calendar in preparation for the upcoming months:

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District News

Building Better Together - Bonds and Levies

During the October 11 meeting, the Northshore School Board voted to place three funding measures on the Feb. 8, 2022 ballot. These three measures continue the work to build better together: modernizing schools, sustaining technology, and increasing opportunities.

This fall and winter, NSD will be sharing more information about the proposed projects and how they support NSD students and the district. In addition to presenting this important information at many PTA meetings, NSD will also hold public information sessions in the coming months. Those dates and times will be shared soon.

PACE and PTA Information

Parents Active in Cooperative Education (PACE) at Lockwood is an elective program located at Lockwood Elementary that provides an enriched educational experience for students in grades 1-5. PACE students benefit from additional support in the classroom provided by parent volunteers who assist with small group instruction and a variety of enrichment opportunities.

If you are interested in learning more about PACE at Lockwood, join us for a virtual tour. Please use the link below to sign up for a tour.

Contact tours@paceatlockwood.org or membership@paceatlockwood.org for questions.

Tours are a requirement to apply for PACE. The PACE lottery for 2022-2023 school year will be held on February 11 and the last day to do a tour is February 9, 2021.

PTA Pantry

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. The “PTA Pantry” is now open. We’ll occasionally send out calls for donations when things are getting low, but don’t feel like you need to wait for the call to drop extra non-perishables off in the main office. Here’s how it will work: any teacher (or other staff member) can send a student to the nurse (or to anyone in the main office) with a referral to the “PTA Pantry.” The student will then be taken to the pantry to fill up a sturdy bag (that we provide) with food essentials. The huge benefit of going through the nurse/main office is that they have access to other resources from the district’s “Care Team” that they might be able to offer. If your child ever needs to access the pantry, just send a note to their teacher (or to the main office) asking them to be sent to the nurse for access to the pantry. The Lockwood community is here for you and your family. If anyone has any questions, let me know at president@lockwoodpta.org.

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