Preliminary Task

Sarah Buttery


For this task we created a 3 minute interview on people and their phones, we were in a group of 3 and each of us had different responsibilities. I created the storyboards and the location recce for our group.

We planned out the interview and below is what we did for this and we then filmed and edited the video to then create a 3 minute long video. The name of this short video is 'Don't hang up'.


Here are the storyboards for our interview, we made some changes throughout filming it.
Big image
Big image
Big image

Sound bed

The song used has no lyrics however fits in well with the video.

List of cutaways

  • Pan of mobile phones
  • Phone adverts
  • Pan of mobile phone conversation
  • Shot of person using phone

Archive materials

  • Phone adverts
  • Interview with people about their phones

Images of filming

Details of MES

Natural lighting used to create realism.

Locations used where Breakout area and outside the school.

Recce location:

Big image
Big image


  • We used cuts to jump in between interviewees
  • Fade out of title
  • Fade into cutaway
  • Zoom out of text conversation
  • Pan across phone

Finished Video

Mobile phone interview