Meet Jacob Magill

By: Takerra Parsons

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  • What is your full name?

Jacob Eugene Franklin Magill

  • When were you born?

February 28, 1997

  • Where were you born?

Oak Hartbor, Washington

  • Do you have any siblings?

One older sister

  • Do you have any pets?

2 dogs an 2 cats

  • How old are you?


  • What kind of music do you like?

Rap, bangers, and rock

  • What do you plan on doing after high school?


  • Do you have a job?

Use to, but he quit

  • What's your favorite food?

Im big, I have a lot

  • What's your favorite movie?


  • What's your favorite color?


  • Do you have any hobbie?

Working out and basketball

  • Are you the party type or the stay at home type?


  • Do you play any sports?

Has played football, basketball, and has wrestled

  • Ever been arrested?

Almost, but he got away

  • Into social media?

Instagram ... @jakeefmagill

  • Can you cook?

"Hell yes, I was fat"

  • Do you get good grades?

"lol... I try"

  • What are you ready to do, at this point right now?

Graduate and live life