Daily Buzz

April 10

Online Art Resources and Galleries

Do you have an artist in your house? Changen (Eliot) curated these links for all of our NEDP artistes. Perusing these could definitely count as art class during your homeschool time.

Don's Basketball Tic Tac Toe

Our Mitchell gym teacher, Don created this easy and fun game!

Objective- Get three in a row by shooting basketballs or (any sports balls) into basketball hoop with a tick tac toe board set up by hula hoops or drawn up by chalk on drive way pavement

Materials- 2 basketballs or sports balls, 9 hula hoops or chalk to draw up 3 rows, basketball hoop.


One person shoots at a time; if they make ball into hoop they have a chance draw an x in their current spot, if they miss it, not rewarded an x.

2nd person starts at another spot and same rule applies to that player.

First person with three in a row by making 3 baskets wins.

Goal- Make three baskets into hoop first in order to win.

*Note More challenging version of playing this is having each player shoot their ball into hoop at previous person’s spot to prevent them getting rewarded of x. If second player makes basket at same spot; they prevent first player getting x. If they miss it, first player is rewarded an x.

Bubble Painting

Paint rainbows with bubbles!

Materials: Food coloring , bubbles mixture and wand, and white paper.

To create these bubble paintings blow the bubble mixtures onto the paper and create your own beautiful designs.

Thank you, Janie (Broadmeadow) for this fun and creative idea.

Make a Rag Rug!

Are you using this time at home to clean out your closets and have old t-shirts to discard? Nicolette (Broadmeadow) found an activity that uses these old clothes to make a rag rug! She suggests watching the whole video before diving in to see how each item will be used.

You will need:

  • Old T-Shirts (about 4)
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Small Cardboard (rectangular piece to knot fabric together)

How to Make a Rag Rug Using Old T-Shirts | Recycle & Reuse your Clothes by Live Creative