Pirate Points from Mrs. Lee's Class

Week of November 6, 2013

Fall Fun

Thank you for sending in items for our fall celebration last week. The kids had a great time with the stations. Activities like this wouldn't be possible without your support!

Report Cards

Once again, report cards have changed a bit. There is an information sheet in the report card envelope that will hopefully explain these changes. You may keep the report card and information sheet, but please send back the signed envelope.


In class, it seems like I'm having to give many reminders to the same kids. We talked about one way to improve a behavior is to set a goal and work towards that goal. Today, we worked with a partner to pick a goal, wrote, and shared our goals. We are going to develop strategies to help us accomplish these goals. Ask your child what his/her goal is and how they are working towards achieving that goal.

What We Are Learning

  • Reading Workshop- Retelling the beginning, middle, end; comparing books that tell stories compared to ones that give information
  • Writing Workshop- Unfreezing characters to bring writing to life, telling stories in small steps, adding feelings and emotions to our stories
  • Math Workshop- Putting objects in groups of tens, representing numbers by the numbers of tens and ones, comparing numbers
  • Social Studies- laws, authority figures in different areas

Mark Your Calendars

November 8th- PTA Movie Night 6pm

November 13th- Late Start

November 21- K-2nd grade Thanksgiving Meal (more details to come)

November 27-30th- Thanksgiving Holiday