Unit 4


What is your favorit TV program?

we like this 3 TV programs.

Choi SoJeong likes 'Gossip Girl'. Because it has amusing story and romance.

Bok SeonJae likes 'NCIS'. Because it is so exciting and dealing with criminal.

NCIS intro Season 1

What newspapers and magagines do you read?

we read this newspapers and magagines.

Choi SoJeong reads 'New York Magagine'. Because it is introducing for us interesting movies.

Bok SeonJae reads 'InStyie'. Because it has useful information about fashion.

InStyle: Jamie Campbell Bower & Robert Sheehan Behind The Scenes (TR Altyazılı)

Which games show do you like the best?

We like 'Wipeout'.

Because this program is so funny and if somebody win this game, could get a lot of money.

Winter Wipeout on ABC!

What commercials do you like and hate the most?

We like this 'Extra gum' commercial.

Because it is simply subject but so touching us.

We don't like 'Old Spice Bar Soap' commercial.

Because it is fun but we think that it is overstate fact!

Extra - Origami
미국의 흔한 비누 광고 (Old Spice Bar Soap)

Out Team