El Patron is dead!!!!!!!!!!

The House of Scorpions

You are yourself, no matter what

In this book, the house of the scorpion, one of the main characters, is the richest man in the world, using his money he creates a clone. However this clone is special, "Instead, it pleased me to give you the childhood I never had." pg.232. Everyone knows, that clones don't have brains of their own they are just an imitation of another person, this clone Matt, had a brain of his own, he was an actual person and a clone at the same time. AT FIRST Matt was just like his owner, original, El Patron, greedy, sometimes vicious, sly, and worse, but as the story continues he changes and sees the truth, that he can be different, he was an actual human not a beast with no mind of their own, "Put it to sleep ( dispose of it/ Matt), ........"What do you mean?" cried Matt. " El Patron would not want that!"......... pg.238 Matt now believed that he was human, not just clone a normal boy, who yes was a clone, but also had a spirit of its own.

El Patron the richest man in the world, wants to live forever, and he can, through his riches, he creates clone that will serve as "extra" body parts that will replace his old ones every time he is near death.

Matt, is a clone, the very first clone to have its own brain, a clone of the most powerful man ever, El Patron. El Patron is a greedy, vicious, grotesque, an undefinable monster. He creates clones to serve as extra body parts, so he can live for every. He creates Matt, the protagonist, of this book. Matt, was in hiding from the outside world, until one day, kids from rich families, (the Big House) see him. Figuring out that he is a clone, they except Maria, another protagonist treat him like a wild beast. Until, they figure out that he is the clone of no other than El Patron himself. Now since people know that he is the clone of the feared El Patron, he enjoys an luxurious life under El Patron's protection. Well, that is until he becomes 14 years old. El Patron is closed to death, and Matt figures out the truth of everything. Why was he created? Why was he the only one with a brain? What happened to all the other clones? Once Matt figures out the truth he tries to get out of El Patron's reach, he succeeds with the help of some friends. Eventually El Patron, without his extra body parts die. Usually when their is a clone and the original , the clone at the death of the original becomes the original. Again with the help of some of his friends, Maria, her mother, Tam Lin ( his body guard), Celia ( his "mother") he becomes the most powerful man in the world. Matt is El Patron.

Nancy Farmer

Nancy Farmer, was born on the Arizona-Mexico border, she has written many books, three of them are Newbery Honor winners. the house of the scorpion, The Ear, the Eye and the Arm, and A Girl Named Disaster. She currently resides in Menlo Park, California with her family. This book has won the Newbery Honor, National Book Award, and the Michael Printz award. The Newbery Honor, is an award that is given to author who have contributed distinguished books to the American literature for children. The National Book Award, is an award that honors distinguished authors in these four genres: fiction non-fiction, poetry, and young people's literature. The Michael Printz award is an award, that honors the best book that is written for teens. ( All award are given annually).