Gender and Identity

I love sports


Some of the things I have to do is because of my gender. For example the chores I have to do around my house, the expectations my family have for me, and the things my parents teach me. Also I am a male that love to play sports. My favorite subject in school is math because I like dealing with numbers and money.


I am a young student that love to play sports. I go to school every day and I enjoy going. I am from Bolingbrook, Illinois. I grew up with all of my siblings, and I have two brothers and two sisters. I attended Tibet Elementary School and moved to Joliet my 6th grade year attending Troy Middle School. I won state for wrestling twice in Middle School, my 6th and 7th grade year, but lost in the finals my 8th grade year. When I grow up I want to be a professional football player or be a lawyer. Also, I would rather play the game then go outside or watch movies.

Malvolio acts as if he`s better than everyone else. He likes to claim that he is in a higher class as well. According to the article, it states, "my masters, are you mad? Have ye no wit, manners, not honesty but to gobble at this time of night". (II.iii.20) pg.5 This is explaining how he think his master should use manners when talking to him, and is joking around with him getting him mad, Also, Malvolio finds letter and think Olivia wrote it to him. He thought if he did what is in the note the he will marry Olivia. The text stated that, “it did come to his hands and commands shall be executed.” (III.iv.23-25) pg.2 This quote explains how he want the note so he could do what he has to do to get with Olivia.


People often say that I am short, athletic, funny, cool to be around, and very confident of my self. I agree with what most people say about me. I can see my self as being talkative because I can talk to someone all day long. Also, I`m not shy. I can get in front of a group of people and present, or act.

The characters in the play say that Malvolio is short bald, and has a beard. Also they don’t really like his attitude because he thinks that he is better than everyone. He is considered to be a very stubborn person.

Similaries and Differences

The similarities that me and Malvolio are we think that we are better than everyone. I don`t Necessarily think that I am better than everyone but I want to do better than everyone. Also when a girl that I like or is cute to me and they send me a good morning text or text me first I think they like me, the same way Malvolio thought Olivia liked him when she sent him letters. There are some differences between Malvolio and I which are, I don`t think that I am in a higher class than everyone. I consider everyone around me in the same class as me even if they aren`t.