Brain Cancer

Definition of Cancer

It is a growth that can be infectious if it contains cancer cells, which makes it malignant

  • Does not spread past the brain
  • It does not spread and is benign until the cell becomes cancerous

What are the symptoms of this cancer? How does it impact the people it affects?

There are two types of signs which are mental and physical.

  • You will not be able to function normally
  • This cancer will make you not feel in control

How prevalent is this cancer?

Adults are more likely to develop brain cancer.

  • ·The chances are tripled to get brain cancer when you are an adult
  • ·More men are diagnosed with this

What happens at the cellular and molecular level?

The Brain tumor can start forming on immature cells and rapidly grow.

  • The cell increases in size as the human develops.
  • There is many different ways a tumor can form
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What are the possible causes of this type of cancer?

Brain cancer is an unknown cause but can be triggered most likely by chemicals and rubber.

  • No higher risk to get a brain tumor while using a mobile phone.
  • You don’t get any sympotns until the tumor grows big enough. Or starts to irritate the brain

Keyhole Brain Tumor and Skull-Base Surgery

How is it diagnosed?

You will get a physical exam that will question your past family too

  • Your doctor will diagnose it
  • Your family history will make it more likely for you to get it if someone else has had it

What are treatments?