Mentally Stable Turned Ill

1/11/15 Rhiannon Staker

Sane to Insane within Days

For no apparent reason workers of mental institutions are forcing perfectly sane women to live in insane asylums with terrible conditions. Some women were forced to live here simply because they are foreign and don't understand the language. They force the women to do nothing for the majority of their day and give harsh treatments that make patients crazier than they were before. Some workers beat, choke, and harass their patients. Doctors don't change the water the patients bathe in until it is thick. The living conditions these women are going through are unsanitary and not right. All of this is happening because of inexperienced workers and cutting funds for mental health.

Laws in the future are passed to help prevent things like this from happening. People start caring much more about people's mental health.

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This picture shows some women in an insane asylum looking scared and sad. They are also crowded in one room which looks fairly small. The women are also dirty.
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Information: Mental Institution notes