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Chris Hadfield Public School - October Newsletter

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A monthly newsletter to keep the Chris Hadfield Public School community up-to-date on all things related to the Physical Education, Extra-curricular Activities, and Healthy Schools Initiatives.

Team work makes the dream work!

September has whizzed by in a heart beat! Our first unit of the year was all about building the foundations for the year - safety, expectations and routines, and respect for each other.

Here are few quick highlights -

Terry Fox update

Thanks to all the Chris Hadfield families for your wonderful contributions to our 'Toonies for Terry' fundraiser. We are proud to tell you that we raised over $2400!!!

Soccer Team

We recently took some students to the Dixie PS Invitational Soccer Tournament. Our Astros did a great job, and showed what fantastic athletes and students they are! We scored lots of goals, used good skills, and battled hard for their team mates. Well done.

Open House

The Open House coming up on Thursday, October 13th (6:30-7:30). Please come by the gym to learn more about the Physical Education program and have some active fun with your family!

This month...

This month, our students will be looking close at the ideas around Physical Literacy and Fitness. Here is a short video that explains just what 'physical literacy' is. Stay tuned for more updates, information, and resources.

HANDS UP | 1 - Introduction to Physical & Health Literacy