Disney's The Little Mermaid

Broadway Musical

What is this all about ?

Ariel ,the youngest of the King Triton's daughters , is fascinated with a fork that is from the "The World Above". Did I mention that she was a mermaid ? She admires the fork and knows that someday she wants to be part of that world. She goes on a journey ,makes a deal with the evil Ursula, to become part of the world above the sea. Along the way she meets a "handsome" prince ,Prince Eric , they fall in love and she knows that she has be with him forever. She has to find true love for to permanently be a human with Prince Eric. Will her wish come true ? Is this true love? Will she trade in her tail for feet? I guess you will just have to watch it find out.

The Little Mermaid On Broadway - Part Of Your World

5 Sparkling Starfish Facts

* Thomas Schumacher intially brought in choreographer/director Matthew Bourne to help the musical, but Bourne left when their visions on the project differed.

* The shark chase sequence that intoduced Ariel and Flounder early in the film, was replaced by a new song for Ariel when she admires a fork from "The World Above".

* The muscial depicts Ursula as King Triton's sister, a concept that was introduced in an early verison of the film, but did make the final product.

* Ursula is destroyed when her shell is broken; she does not grow to monsterous proportions, as in the film.

* In the musical, the storm at sea sequence is simpilflyed, and Eric merely falls overboard. His sheep dog, Max, is not in the stage verison.

Sierra Boggess - Ariel

Sean Palmer - Prince Eric

3 crazy facts, from Ariel

  • The music was created by Alan Menken
  • The lyrics where written by Glenn Slater & Howard Ashman
  • The basis - the Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen

"Kiss the Girl" from Disney's THE LITTLE MERMAID on Broadway

Awards & Regcognitions

  1. Tony Awards - Nominated for: Best Original Score & Best Lighting Design of a Musical
  2. Grammy Awards - Nominated for: Best Musical Show Album
  3. Broadway Audience Awards - Nominated for: Favorite Breakthrough Performance (female)