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Murder at Greenwhich by Noren Rubi

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Greenwich Village Murderer

Lars Thorwald was arrested Sunday morning at Greenwich Village Apartments for the apparent murder of his wife, Mrs. Emma Thorwald and attempted murder of witnesses L.B. Jefferies and Lisa Fremont. After reported suspicions from multiple neighbors, enough evidence was collected by L.B. Jefferies and Lisa Fremont to convict Thorwald for his malevolent murder plot. At first, detectives were skeptical about Thorwald's case and believed Jefferies claims regarding Thorwald were ghoulish, but after realizing Thorwald had also murder a neighborhood dog after digging up near his small garden, they realized Jefferies was right all along. Thorwald attempted to kill Jefferies after realizing he had been watching him from his window. However, Jefferies was able to use his camera flash to blind Thorwald momentarily but was then thrown out his window while in his wheelchair. Thorwald's luck, however, was not on his side at the time because Lisa had just arrived with police alongside to rescue Jefferies. Thorwald will now face a life sentence in prison and could possibly receive the death penalty.


Feminism Today & in the 1950's

Today: Present day feminism has evolved into two different categories. The feminist who believe in gender equality, and advocate for equal rights when it comes to politics, economics and certain aspects of society. Then there are the feminist who use feminism as a route to express their hatred towards men in a way that makes them seem less crazy.

1950's: In the 1950's, feminism involved employment, reproductive rights, and feminist literature. Women in the 1950's stepped up to the plate and took over many jobs that had previously been worked by men. This changed women's social status completely. Females went from being depicted as stay at home moms and maids to a person who could not only provide for their family but also complete all the duties that arise at home.

Now/1950's: Feminism in the 1950's was more about proving that women did have the mental and physical strength to complete the same task that men were performing as to where now feminism has turned into a tool used by women who have built up hatred for men and use a way to express it.