John Locke

Ariel Gardner, Mitchell Solomon and Colin Mathews

John Locke

John Locke also known as the "Father of Liberation" he was a English philosopher and physician. He is known to be the most influential of the enlightenment thinkers.


John Locke had a big influence on political philosophy and in modern liberalism. His arguments about liberty later influenced Alexander Hamilton, James MAdison, Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers of the United States.
Three Minute Philosophy - John Locke

His Beliefs

His monumental Essay Concerning Human Understanding aims to determine the limits of human understanding. Earlier writers such as Chillingworth had argued that human understanding was limited, Locke tries to determine what those limits are. We can, he thinks, know with certainty that God exists. We can also know about morality with the same precision we know about mathematics, because we are the creators of moral and political ideas. In regard to natural substances we can know only the appearances and not the underlying realities which produce those appearances. Still, the atomic hypothesis with its attendant distinction between primary and secondary qualities is the most plausible available hypothesis.