By Nic brooks

Significance of the flag

Two blue stripes represents the pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. White stripe represents the land between the two bodies of water. Triangle represents the five volcanoes between the 2 oceans. The cap of liberty represents national freedom. Sun rays band a rainbow symbolize the bright future if the nation

Population- 6.08 million

Currency- 26.82 Nicaraguan cordoba= 1 US dollar

Government- leader= Daniel Ortega, type= republic

Cultural activities and entertainment

Events- Río San Juan carnival: activities include the aquatic float parade and local artisans, fiestes patronales, el sauce.all souls day, Latin American surfing competition: surfers from all over Central America are expected to attend and participate(lasts a week).

Sports that are played- baseball, swimming, boxing, baseball diamonds, soccer, weightlifting.


That main food is corn but if you can't have corn than rice. Beans are eatin for cheap protein. A common breakfast food is rice and beans. Some popular dishes are gallo pinto which is often served as breakfast, sometimes with eggs. There is also vigoron and nacatamal.

Tourist attractions

1.san Juan del sur- a very nice beach that has a horseshoe shape. This is a good place to fish and do leisurely beach activities.

2.tola- tola is found on the pacific coast of Nicaragua north of San Juan del sur. this is an amazing place to surf!

3. While you are in Nicaragua you can go to one of the many active volcanoes and even go sand skiing while you are there.