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group 2.

About Tiong Bahru(research)

Tiong Bahru is Singapore's most oldest and charming neighbourhood.It was built in the 1930s .its estimated to have more than 900 units of houses .The apartment blocks are made up of 2 five-storey houses .The architecture of the place is a mix of art deco and local straits settlements, shop-house architecture.Its a preserved area as there are no changes in the outside of the buildings.At Seng Poh Road Tiong Bahru estate reflects on Singapore's changes as the high-rise buildings can be seen in the background and the old estates too.This makes the people staying there feel like a sense of belonging.
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This is one of the buildings there.
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There are steps before entering a house
the landscape there

interview findings


1)Why do you come

to Tiong Bahru?

2)Do you come

here often?

3)If you had a chance to stay in Tiong Bahru, would you stay here?

4)What do you think

are the differences

between Tiong Bahru?

5)What do you like about this place?


1)pay visit to grandson

2)yes ,once a month


4)tiong bahru is a older town

5)Easy to get the stuff that you want

It is very convenient


Interviewee2 :

1)staying there


3)Yes, used to stay here

Yes, once a month yes yes

Tiong Bahru have

nice food and easy transport clothing,

wet market.

Tiong Bahru is a older town

History of Tiong Bahru

Tiong bahru is one of the oldest housing estate in Singapore. It is the first project undertaken by Singapore improvement Trust. The estate consist about 30 apartment blocks with about 900 unit.The apartment blocks are about 2-5 storey and the units are 3-5 room flat. It has many public transportation like MRT, 17 different number of buses running through Tiong Bahru.

In the WORLD WAR II years, the housings in Tiong Bahru are not very affordable, it is consider as a upper class where the rich kept their Mistress there. It is also call as the "Mei Ren Wo" (meaning Den of Beautiful)

The population in Tiong Bahru were tripled after WORLD WAR II. However, it started to lose it's exalted status as more upper class high rise buildings are built.

Source: Wikipedia