A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol play, "A must see"

A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, is an interesting book but, a more descriptive and detailed play in many ways. The sound effects was one reason why it was very detailed. For instance, when the Ghost of Christmas Future comes out there is thunder in the background. Also, it was good to hear and see the tone of voice and the reaction of the actors. For example, when Marly's Ghost comes out he is loud and demanding while Scrooge was scared and silent. Lastly, the lights used in the play expressed the feeling of the play. One example of this is when the Ghost of Christmas Past, and Present appear the lights are bright oranges and yellows. In conclusion, A Christmas Carol, the play, shows good description and detail in sound, lighting, and reactions.


One sacrifice Scrooge had to make was that he could no longer live a life alone. After he was visited by the three spirits he went over to the Cratchit's and Fred's house. I have also had to make sacrifices in my life. One sacrifice I had to make was when we were moving and I had to lose my friends and make new ones.