Rites of Passage


Infant Baptism

Purpose: The child is welcomed as a member of the church, child receives God's grace and it shows the parents intentions of bringing up a child in the Christian faith.

Key Features: Priests takes the child and splashes water from the font on child's head and says: 'I baptise you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit'.

The priest then signs a cross on child's forehead 'I sign you with the cross of Christ'.

The congregation promises to support the child in the faith.

Parents and godparents declare their faith by answering 'I do' to:

'Do you turn to Christ?'

'Do you repent your sins'

'Do you renounce evil'

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Purpose: to confirm the promises made by the godparents and parents on the child's behalf. The child makes public and personal commitment to the faith, as well as becoming an adult member of the church.

Key Features: There have to be confirmation classes to prepare the child.

The service is performed by a bishop and the child has to answer the questions above for themselves, where they declare that they believe in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

There can be hymns, a sermon and prayers for the child

The bishop lays their hands on the child's head and says:

'Confirm, O Lord, your servant with the Holy Spirit'