The Captain's Call

#AdventureAwaits in the 2021-22 School Year!

Greetings Pirate Nation!

The third quarter of the school year comes to an end next month, which means we're almost in our final leg of the school year. Time sure does fly!

As always, I hope you find the information in this newsletter to be valuable. Please feel free to reach out with suggestions to make it even better.

All my best,

Courtney Cochran

Principal, Cedarville High School

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Important Upcoming Dates

  • February 22: ACT Workkeys Assessment for Workkeys seniors

  • February 25: 8th Graders tour the high school

  • March 1 & 3: Freshman Orientation

  • March 1: Statewide Junior ACT

  • March 11: End of the Third Quarter

  • March 14: 3rd Quarter Parent Night--PI Day: STEAM Your ♥ Out!

  • March 16: CELEBRATION! Every student who has all assignments turned in and assessments complete will have an hour-long celebration!

  • March 17: Band leaves for Disney!

  • March 21-25: Spring Break (No School)

  • March 28: Classes Resume

  • April 18 - 22: ACT Aspire-- 9am start time for juniors and seniors

  • April 19: Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • April 28/29: Senior Semester Exams

  • May 6: Graduation

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Freshman Orientation is fast approaching! On March 1 and 3 the Cedarville High School staff will welcome the families of the Class of 2026 to come learn all about life as a high school Pirate and to schedule their courses for their Freshman year of high school.

We invite all families to RSVP using the link or the QR code in the invitation so that we can customize each student's experience!

STEAM Night on 3.14!

Come celebrate the infinite glory of PI at STEAM Night 2022! We'll have hot dogs, games, prizes, and TONS of fun and learning! STEAM Night is 3:30pm to 5:30pm on 3.14.22.

In Case of Inclement Weather:

If the drive to school is determined by the district leaders to be too dangerous for students, the superintendent will notify local media outlets and the building leaders. The building leaders will send messages through the school app, the school website, and social media to ensure that everyone knows.

With regards to potential inclement weather this week, teachers will be sending home AMI (Alternate Method of Instruction) packets on Wednesday. Students will have two days for every day missed to make up the work and turn it in. Submission of the AMI work counts as the students' attendance for those inclement weather days. We are grateful to the state of Arkansas for allowing us to use AMI days so that we do not have to make up the days during the summer!

You can read the Cedarville High School AMI plan here:

In Case You Missed It:

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We are #PirateProud of our girls and boys basketball teams for making it to the regional tournament!

Testing Season Has Arrived!

Did you know that state assessments make up the majority of our school grade? Why? Because this is how the state of Arkansas ensures that we are teaching your children what they need to know to be successful in life.

All students can work on test preparation from home or school through the free website! See below for details.

Hard Work Pays Off

CHS students who score proficient or higher in the core areas of English, math, science, and reading will be eligible for a merit hour in the 22-23 school year! View the video below for details.
CHS Merit Hour!

Opportunity Central!

Did You Know?

All Arkansas public schools are required to teach the state standards for each course offered. State educational standards are written and updated by a team of content experts, veteran teachers, policy-makers, parents, and community members. These educational standards ensure that every child receives the same high-quality education no matter what public high school he or she attends in Arkansas.

Each course offered in Arkansas public schools has a unique course code. Only a certified teacher with a matching licensure code can teach that course.

You can read the educational standards for all Arkansas courses here:

You can read the graduation requirements for the state of Arkansas here:

Strengthening In-Class Instruction

By now the news is out--Cedarville High School staff is focusing on improving in-class instruction all day every day. To help us achieve our instructional goals, we are strengthening some procedures that will keep students in class and engaged in learning.

Here's what you need to know:


  • Students will receive three “leave the room” passes per quarter per teacher.
  • Students must leave their cell phones in the classroom in order to be permitted to leave the classroom.
  • Students may not leave the classroom during direct instruction.
  • There is a 2 minute limit in the bathroom (barring extenuating circumstances).
  • No bags are allowed in bathrooms.
  • Students must adhere to the posted limit of people in the bathroom.

Cell Phones

The use of cell phones is prohibited in classrooms at Cedarville High School unless the instructor has a valid, instructional purpose for the use of the cell phone.

  • Students will follow the clearly posted procedures for cell phones in each classroom or will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Cell phones are prohibited from exam rooms during state assessments.
  • Refusal to follow procedures = 1 day loss of privilege
  • 2nd offense = 1 week loss of privilege
  • 3rd offense = 6 weeks loss of privilege
  • 4th offense = 1 semester loss of privilege

Additionally, any student who sends mean, harassing, or threatening texts; instigates a fight; or enters into a physical altercation will have cell phone privileges revoked.

Please remember that the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of student education records. Because of FERPA, we can only communicate information about a student to that student's parents or guardians. Please know that we are supporting all students in meeting our standards, even if you do not receive information about students who are not your child.

Don't Stress--Free Tutoring is Available!

As the semester wraps up and the final grades are tallied, stress can run high. Don't forget that students can come in for free tutoring before or after school, any day of the week! See the flyer below for details.
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Let's Connect!

Mrs. Gillespie is looking for community partners who would like to share their talents and expertise with our students! If interested, email
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Mrs. Rachel Keeter, Senior Sponsor, asks that you please join the Senior Parent Remind by texting @72932chs to 81010.

By joining this messaging system you will ensure that you always receive the most current information about this busy and special year!

About Cedarville High School

Our mission is to be well-rounded community stewards developing the high-level skills necessary to navigate our personal journeys toward success.

Our vision is a thriving Cedarville community that is continuously reinvigorated by the life-long learners at CHS.