" I AM"

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"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." Martin Luther King, Jr.

What do you value in yourself? Does your room show what you value as an educator? Challenge yourself and your students to give words of encouragement and show positivity to each other. We all have had negative things happen to us in and out of school in 2015. In 2016, DROP IT! Negativity can be baggage and weigh us down. Lets start off fresh and breath positivity into our school/staff. Wake up tomorrow and say I am Phenomenal Educator and we some Amazing Students!

Shout OUT to Ms. Wright! Ms. Wright is our new 5th Grade Teacher! You see Ms. Wright give her a Bluford Welcome! Welcome to Bluford Ms. Wright!

Shout OUT to Principal Lockhart on receiving the Bar Award! Principal Lockhart receive the Bar Award for doing an awesome job at school from her colleagues. Way to go Principal Lockhart!

Shout OUT to Mrs. McDougal on conducting a successful Drop Everything and TRC!

Way to go Mrs. McDougal !

Shout OUT to 4th Grade Teachers , Ms. Ferguson and Ms. Alexander!

Ms. Ferguson and Ms Alexander created a crime scene to teach the students how to make an inference based on clues and background knowledge. Students had to guess what happened based on what they already knew and observation of clues from the crime scene. They also utilize STEM in their classroom with Circuits. Way to go Ladies

Shout OUT to Ms. Copeland! Ms. Copeland introduce to her students a cool way to do oral fluency passages. She utilize the website Lyrics2Learn and students loved it! Way to go Ms. Copeland!

Shout OUT to Ms. Powers and Ms. Littlejohn! These 1st Grade Teachers now are 1st/ 2nd Grade Teachers! With the departure of a 2nd Grade Teacher, these 1st Grade Teachers picked up the slack and now teach those 2nd Grade Children. Way to go Ms. Powers and Ms. Littlejohn!

Shout OUT to Mrs. Humphrey! Mrs. Humphrey has taken on trying to get our Bluford BEST Bullentin Board Back Together! Lets Recognize our student achievements! Way to Go Mrs. Humphrey!