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How can I get this?

Progeria is the rarest disease on earth, happening with about one in eight million child births. This disease doesn't happen when your older but instead at child birth and it is a genetic cell disease witch causes the misshapen looks of the person with this disease.


The symptoms of progeria are noticeable from birth and also can appear in the first months a year. The symptoms include thin to no hair a beaked like nose a disfigured head and a thin bone structure. There is also visible veins as well as age spots.
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Sadly there are no treatments that are currently available for this rare disease, doctors and scientist all around the world are trying to figure out treatments and cures .But what doctors can do is give medicine and treatments to prolong the lives of the people with this disease. They have however created a cure that dose work but not for long and also have no idea the side affects as well as If it can be used on humans .
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Why do I need to know this?

This is important to know because by getting this disease noticed and get people aware of this disease more people can find a cure to it as well as to help the kids with this disease be understood and not made fun of.
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