Push-Pull factors

People are moving to our country like never before. Push-pull Factors are pushing people out of their native lands and pulling them to a new place. Some reasons for immigration include population growth in Europe, agricultural changes, crop failures, the industrial revolution, and religious and political turmoil. The three big reasons why immigrants want to move here is because of our freedom, economic opportunity, and our abundant land.

Ethnic opportunity

Public land in America is being sold for $1.25 per acre which is now luring in many European ethnic groups like Scandinavians, german, and Irish. In the midwest thousands of German folk are settling in states especially like Wisconsin because the climate allows them to grow their traditional crops like oats. Business wise german are achieving great success

John Bausch and Henry Lomb started to make eyeglasses and other lenses, their company is booming right now in sales. In the UK Britain has ruled Ireland for centuries and controlled the catholic majority by denying their rights. The Irish have been immigrating to our country as early as 1800, but now thanks to diseases in the country's food supply, more and more irish are forced to leave their homeland and immigrated now.

Population problem

Immigrants like the Irish and the German are flocking to the cities causing our population to sky rocket from 60,489 to somewhere around 202,589. Some of us native born americans are fearing that these immigrants are too foreign to get accustomed to our way of life. Many more of us are fearing that these immigrants are going to outnumber us here in the states. Some immigrants are facing racial prejudice which will not lead to anything good in the future.