Failure in famous people

Akio Morita

Akio Morita was born in Nagoya, Japan, 1921. He started a small business hoping to get some money. He knew that good rice was rare, therefore, he made an automatic rice cooker. When he released it many critics said it burnt rice more than it cooked it. After all of the selling was done he didn’t even sell 100 units. When he was 25 he had $375 and a bombed apartment store in order to build a business. He had to spend lots of time in developing their first creation in his new company, a tape recorder. He wanted to make better improved recorders unlike the big bulky original one. But because of the war before, it was hard for the government to give him money to work with. Even though he had lots of setbacks caused by WW2 he still persisted and developed the first ever handheld radio this sent SONY, his new company, soaring through the charts.

Bill Gates


Bill Gates and Paul Allen created a company that was a marvel for many other companies. BIll and Paul are the creators of Microsoft. In their early years Bill and Paul dropped out of harvard so that they could create their invention, the Traf-o-Data. The invention tried to sell out, but only sold a whopping 100 products. Bill Gates and Paul Allen did not give up just because one failed invention, he changed his ways to work harder and harder. Because of his determination he was able to create the ever growing company, Microsoft. The company expanded and is one of the most wealthiest companies now.

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth, known for his record for hitting home runs not many people know his start in the MLB. He struck out 1330 times. Lionel Messi differs from Babe Ruth alot. Lionel Messi Was scouted and recruited by Barcelona (one of the biggest soccer teams) at the age of 13. Messi was able to play at the age of 17 ½. he finally scored after 7 months. This might seem long but it is extraordinary considering that he is the 2nd youngest player in the barclays premier league. Both have amazing talent and are on the top tier of sports players. Babe Ruth was so well known that people who wanted to make a company made the company in name of their hero, Babe Ruth. Messi differs from Babe Ruth because nobody made any companies from him but he is well known for his competition with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Stephen King

Stephen King is usually thought of as a popular smart horror writer, not much thought is usually put into who he is. Not many people know that he had a hard start in writing consisting of being rejected over and over and over. After 60 rejections he was ready to give up his dream of writing so he threw away his piece Carrie. His wife saw he looked sad so she grabbed the paper and told him to try to publish it one more time. Amazingly the publishers finally accepted his piece. his piece sold so many copies everywhere. Since then because of his wife he was able to publish over 50 large selling books.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham lincoln, most people know him as the savior of blacks or the fearless leader of the United States of America, after all he is all of that. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that he was not alway the fearless savior. At the age of 23 he was elected commander of a small illinois militia. This would be considered a great honor and required lots of determination and diligence. Soon after that at the age of 29 he went up for illinois house speaker, he soon lost that. After all of his failures and losses he finally got elected for U.S. congress. His good streak wasn’t over there, in 6 short years he was elected president of america.