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Camera Angles and other view points

Pre, Post, Production Phases


- Before you start filming you're going to need to set up your equipment and have a plan. With your plan try and have a general idea of what your film is going to be about. Once you've got that down try and picture some scenarios for your film. Create a script or draw out a plan of what's going to happen in your movie. Now that you have your plan you can start working on your equipment. It is important to think of your plan first before your equipment because when doing your plan you realize for a certain scene you might need a different type of camera or a certain prop etc. Go back to your plan. Look at your scenarios and think of equipment you might need for each scene. An important thing to remember is when creating your list for equipment is to be absolutely sure that you have or can get the equipment. If you are unsure don't be dependent on that equipment or you might not be able to film that certain part at all.


- Now that you are in the filming stage its time to get your equipment, props and go film. When you want to film consider you're scenario and try to match the location you're in to the one in the scene. When filming it is good to use basic equipment like tripods, lightings and microphones.

- Now that you've got all you're footage you should start editing your clips. When editing use a computer software to edit your footage. If on a macbook you could use Imovie that comes with the computer or if you want to get advanced you could use Final Cut Pro.

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Camera angles

When filming always remember it is important to use different camera angles to keep your footage interesting. Try using interesting camera angles from time to time but be sure you can still see the main subject at ease. Here are some funny videos that use some basic camera angles.

Camera Angles

Using a variety of camera angles in your video makes it better quality. When using more angles it makes it seem more lively and draws interest to the viewers. Also depending on your scenario and your script, try matching the camera angle with the scene or script.
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Editing your video's.

When editing your video it is good to use a computer software made for editing. Use one that you feel comfortable with and now your way around. Remember to be safe with your files, maybe even make an extra copy incase one gets deleted. Watch tutorials on YouTube to help you with your editing, this would be very good for people who are new to film editing. If you own a Macintosh laptop the app "Final Cut Pro" comes with the computer. This app is good for newcomers to film editing as well as more experienced users.