20th Century

History and Education

The British School System

The British School System in the 20th Century had three main tiers:

Grammar School, Secondary Modern Schools, and Secondary Technical Schools.

Education Acts

The Education Acts of 1902 and 1944.
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The 1902 Education Act replaced the school boards with local education authorities.
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The 1944 Education Act was established to provide free education for all primary and secondary schools.

Trade Disputes Act

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This Act stated that general strike was illegal.

The National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies

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A group formed by local groups of women who demanded the right to vote.
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Women eventually were granted the right to vote in 1918. However, the women that could vote were limited to only landowners the age of 30 or above. In 1928, women were granted the same rights to vote as men.

World War I

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British Army volunteers at a training camp, as they prepared for war.
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Children in World War II

Children were evacuated from the city due to the bomb threats towards Britain by the Germans.

World War II

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Throughout World War II, Germany bombed London multiple times.

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Due to all of the damage caused by World War II, the Housing Act of 1946 was created. Within five years, over 900,000 homes were built.