Mary Wollstonecraft


About Mary

Mary was a English writer and she wrote novels in her brief career, she also participated in the woman's rights. she was born April 27, 1759 in Spitalfields, United Kingdom. she had two kids named Mary and Fanny. she died on September 10, 1797. Her father was abusive and spent his money on farms. Mary's mother died in 1780 so she set out to live her own livelihood. Once her father died in 1785 she became a governess for Kingsborough family in Ireland.

Here belief in Government

Mary was a democrat because she believed that women can do what man can do. And back in her days she wasn't able to work, go out, and vote. So she strongly disagreed with how the government was working. So she participated in the woman's rights.

How government is suppose to be

Her idea for government is a democrat, with womans being able to vote and run for any position available.