By: Heather Smith



  • Alcoholic father
  • Ban on fishing cod (1992)
  • Mother can't support
  • Move to St.John’s (Moving with her uncle)
  • Her Uncle's life has been ruined


  • Parsons Bay, Newfoundland
  • St.John's, Newfoundland


  • Kit
  • Phonse
  • Elliot


Kit lives in parsons bay with there mom and her dad. Her dad works as a fisherman and her mom is unemployed when the ban on fishing cod comes into place in 1992 her father was out of a job and they had to move in with her uncle in St.John's. There is a twist Kit's Father is a alcoholic. Leaving her grandmother Kit had to learn how to find new friends and be happy in a completely different environment.


Theme and its relevance to broader socio-cultural context

  • Kit has problems that she can't fix at this point in her life (helplessness)
  • Kit still hasn't acknowledged her problems and instead runs away (Control)
  • In her situation she found something that made her happy for the time being (solution)

The theme of my novel and movie is facing life’s challenges, the theme connects to the emotional part society. Kit, the main character, has an huge issue in her life, she has an alcoholic father and a mother who doesn’t stand up for her self. Kit is stuck, she can’t do anything because she’s still a child in the care of her parents; she’s helpless which is an emotion many have felt in different intensities. Kit doesn’t have any control to she runs away instead of acknowledging her problems, but she only does that in order to feel control, which she doesn’t have. Once she moves to St. John’s in Newfoundland, she finds things to make her happy despite her life at home and school. Near her bullies, she finds friends, at home she find comfort in her neighbour. Even hours away from the only place she’s ever known she finds comfort, even when the problem isn’t solved. Many situations are hard to get out of whether you’re dealing with an alcoholic father or abusive mother, anxiety or anger there is a time in the healing process where you find yourself in the same situation as Kit. The book “Baygirl” ends on an open note so whether she conquers her problems in a year, once she turns 18 or never is up to the reader,but her is a trait that she has that makes it very likely that she did face and diminish her problems and many people can relate.

Fresh insight

  • Kit character development is different she became stubborn and hard headed not shy and timid
  • the connection between her nana and Reginald
  • accurate
  • Kate and Anna
  • Pam Bustin's life Experiences

The book “Baygirl”, the film “My Sisters Keeper” and the authors Heather Smith and Pam Bustin’s websites show the theme, facing life’s challenges in fresh and interesting ways. Kit from Baygirl development through the book was different, she became bolder and more sarcastic; most characters in a similar situations tend to become introverted and wary. Also from the book Baygirl there is a interesting character change, when her troubles got to be to much, she ran to her grandmother’s house “Nana”, but when she move things had to change. Her grandmother didn’t move with her but she found a replacement her odd next door elderly neighbour Reginald. She finds comfort in him just like her grandmother, which is a character change that helped with the theme giving her some control in her situation again, which she lost before. Details are important with conveying a story to a reader, with many books being written about this particular subject, alcoholism, accuracy and detail are key, Heather Smith is so detailed with the actions of Phonse, kit’s father, it seems that Smith has first-hand experience with the subject. In the film “My Sisters Keeper” the relationship between Anna and her sister divers from the norm. Even though what Anna is refusing to do is going to possibly kill her sister they stayed loving to each other. Anna had to deal with the guilt of not helping her sister and Kate has to face the fact that she will pass away soon. Pam Bustin, the author of the book Mostly Happy shows it within her blog, the book was written on her life experiences and how she overcame them.


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  • 11 year-old girl named Anna
  • Her mother named Sara
  • And her sister Kate who has Leukaemia
  • Anna was conceived as a donor baby
  • Went through 11 surgeries by 5
  • Filed a lawsuit against her family for the rights of her body
  • If she got the rights her sister would die

Analysis of Effectiveness

  • Relationship between the lawyer and Anna

Anna didn't have control over her body because of the multiple surgeries she had to do to keep her sister alive and later in the movie you are shown that the lawyer has epilepsy and that's why he took her case for free.

  • Relationship between Anna and her mother Sara

The theme is facing lives challenges and Anna had to fight her own mother to to keep her body knowing it would kill her sister and to know it would ruin her mother who was just trying to keep her alive

  • The Casting for the movie

The actors were also effective in showing the theme because they all had to show emotion and despair at their own actions, Anna fighting for her rights, her sister knowing she is going to die, her father being frustrated with Sara.

Literary Value

Does the source merely entertain?

Does the source entertain as well as provide valuable information?

Does the source entertain, inform and provide a new insight and perspective?

  1. The novel entertained while still giving a real world perspective, it truly depicted the difficulties with living with a alcoholic with mood swings and unreliability. With an aggressive alcoholic father a mother who is tense and closed up is bound to happen, which is exactly was the book depicts with Kit’s mother. The book was in the point of view of Kit a teenager, which has been done very many times, so the individually is very minimal and it's all in the secondary characters.

Elena Solomon

Literary value of Baygirl by Elena Solomon