Episode Ten

Beef Studios: In the Shoes of a Teacher

In a very exciting debut, Beef Studios puts lead actor, Ray, in the shoes of a teacher. Teachers Mr. Falcon, Mr. Fogarty, Mr. Farrell, Mrs. McClair, Mr. Andresen, and Mr. Wilson act as students who have a little difficulty focusing. In the end, Beef Studios honors PR's hard-working teaching staff.
Beef Studios: In the Shoes of a Teacher

Comet Studios: Craig's Basketball Wrap-up

PR's Boys Basketball team had a very successful season. It was an exciting, thrilling season for seniors. Senior Craig Kochakian features those PR athletes who share their most memorable moments.
Comet Studios: Craig's Basketball Wrap-up

Media Spotlight: PR's Interact

Park Ridge's Interact Club does a lot of amazing things. Here is an encouraging spotlight meant to raise awareness and participation. Anyone and everyone should get involved!

Dream Big Productions: Inspiration Steve

Dream Big Productions final video features Senior Steven Rizzie as he excels academically and pushes himself to achieve.
Inspirational Steve


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