Living Document Project

Google Drive and Google Docs- Part 1

So what are Google Drive and Google Docs?

Google Drive is a free service that allows you to store files from your computer online and access them anywhere using the cloud.

Google Docs is a free, web-based application for creating documents, spreadsheets, and more.

Google Drive: One safe place for all your stuff

Getting Started with Google Drive

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Creating Google Docs in Google Drive

  1. Go to Visit If you already have a Google account you can skip ahead and go on to the next section and sign in to your account.
  2. Click the Get Started link.
  3. New users can use any e-mail address to create a Google account, though they will have to confirm the creation of their new Google account in order to access all the features.
  4. Users can also create a Gmail Account and have access to all the features that Google has to offer.
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5. Fill in all of the required form fields (do not include your phone number) to sign up for the account, read through the Terms of Service, and click on I Accept. Create My Account

6. The next page asks if you would like to create a Google + profile, click No Thanks.

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Accessing Google Drive

1. To access your Google Drive Online go to, sign in to your Google Account and click the square Apps icon and then click Drive icon.

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Creating Google Docs in Google Drive

To create a new Doc:

1. Navigate to Google Drive.

2. Click the red New button and select Google Docs.

Naming Documents (Very Important Section… Read This!)

  1. Rename your document by selecting “Untitled Document” on the top of the screen.
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2. For this class, it is important that we all save our work using the same format. Please note that students must use the format specified below for our class assignments.

3. For documents and folders, include in the name:

  • the current school year (four digits such as 2014 for school year 2014-2015
  • your class period (two digits such as 03 for 3rd period)
  • your name (last name then first name)
  • the name of the document or folder
4. For example a document may be named:
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A shared folder may be named: 2014-02-Doe Jane-Turn-in Folder

Google Drive automatically saves the document as you work on it, so you don’t have to save manually.

Sharing and Collaborating with Google Docs

Google Docs can be shared to allow multiple people to edit the same file, allowing for real time collaboration.

For the Living Document assignment you must share your assignment with your instructor. To share your assignment with your instructor:

1. Click the blue Share button on the top right hand corner of the screen.

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2. Share your document with:

3. Be sure to select “Can Comment” from the drop down list.

4. Click Send.

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Printing Google Docs

1. To print the document open it and choose the Print button.

2. You can also select Print under the File drop down tab.

Uploading Files to Google Drive

To upload a file to Google Drive:

1. Click the Upload button.

2. Select the file(s) you want uploaded.

3. Click Open.

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